Steve Goes to India (2006)

Steve Pratte - Director / Various Artists - Music

Various Artists - Lyrics / Running time: 264 hours 18 minutes

You can't own it!

Yes, it actually happened. I made it to India and back! I left the United States on May 9th around 7:15pm Eastern Daylight Time, and arrived in Mumbai, India a very long time later. I made some notes of my journey to make sure that I remembered everything we did, so I'll share the trip with you!

Our plane landed in Mumbai at the Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport at about 1:30am local time on the 11th of May. I waited in the gateway of the plane for my friends to catch up, and noticed that I was already sweating! We made it through customs and got our bags, and left the airport. As soon as I stepped into the night air, my glasses fogged up and I was hit by the heat. After a moment to adjust to the new temperature, our group was met by the relatives of my friends and we loaded up the cars!

Here are a few shots of our flat where we stayed during our visit (click on the smaller pictures for full-sized photos):

The following afternoon, my life was forever changed - I went on my first auto-rickshaw ride. Those things are better than any roller coaster I've ever been on. When I form my personal air force, all of the fighter pilots will be Indian auto-rickshaw drivers. Those guys can dodge anything. Driving in Mumbai in any sort of vehicle was an eye-opening experience! I was continually amazed at the ability the drivers had to come within inches of an accident, and making it look effortless as they glided through unscathed. By Wednesday, it was no longer even suspenseful - I knew we'd be fine.

We originally had planned to visit a few other cities while we were in the country, but there was a heat wave hitting Delhi and Agra pretty hard, and close to 40 people had already died from it! It was agreed upon that perhaps those cities would wait for our next visit to India. Instead, we decided to check out as much of Mumbai as we could with the time we had!

We did a lot of shopping for saris and jewelry (click on the smaller pictures for full-sized photos):

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