Sssshhh... (2003)

Pawan Kaul - Director / Anu Malik - Music

Raahat Indori (and others) - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 47 minutes

Own it!

Have any of you seen the movie Scream? If you have, then you can probably stop reading here.

Actually to be fair, there are a few pretty big differences here between the two films, but Sssshhh... is definitely related to the 1996 horror/comedy. That being said, I will start off by giving a lot of credit to this movie for being technically sound. There are many shortcuts available to the horror film director (as any of the fans of the genre will tell you) but fortunately for us not many were taken in this piece. It's very well made, with only one scene containing glaring technical flaws, and some nice cinematography and scenery. I should also probably mention that the movie gets a little gory, so I'll go ahead and put up an advisory.

The cast does a nice job as well, so let's check out the notable appearances! We do have one repeat performer in this film. Dino Morea has been seen here on Army of Monkeys in last year's Halloween Special. He was the lecherous husband of Bipasha Basu in the film Raaz. This time he's not causing trouble for a wife, but instead for...

Our honorable mention: This film marks the entrance of Tanishaa. She might look a little similar to someone else we've seen a few times here on AoM. That would be due to a familial resemblance to her sister, Kajol. They do look quite a bit alike, and in some scenes it's striking.

Special thanks go out to our reader Omar up in Canada for suggesting this film! I had a good time watching this one!

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Mahek Gujral (Tanishaa) - The younger sister in her family, and typically a high-spirited college student.
Rocky (Dino Morea) - A little on the rough and rugged side, Rocky is Mahek's childhood friend and harbors a secret crush on her. Don't let on that I told you.
Suraj (Karan Nath) - A new student in the college, and a romantic rival for Rocky to butt heads with over Mahek. Generally an all-around nice guy.
Gehna (Suvarna Jha) - Mahek's good friend and supporter. When things get rough, she's there to help her friend recover.
Rajat (Gaurav Kapoor) - The comic relief for the movie, and Rocky's best sidekick. As comic relief goes, he's not bad.
Nikhil (Kushal Punjabi) - A motorcycle enthusiast and the long-term steady boyfriend of...
Rhea (Teena Chowdhary) - Nikhil's main squeeze and tag-along to the rest of the group.
Malini Gujral (Simone Singh) - Mahek's big sister. She's into playing squash and getting murdered.
Sunny Mehra - Malini's boyfriend. He's an active supporter of Malini, but has a bad habit of bleeding profusely all over the squash court glass.
The Joker - No, not that Joker. We've got our own for this movie! This is the person that enjoys cutlery, ropes, and other implements of taking the lives of people that he meets.

I have to say I like the irony of the title. It is as if this movie is shushing its predecessor.

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