Ram Jaane (1995)

Rajiv Mehra - Director / Anu Malik - Music

Anand Bakshi - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 42 minutes

Own it!

I am a little surprised that it has taken me this long to get to a movie starring Shah Rukh Khan. This guy is a very busy actor and has appeared in many, many big hits in India. Most of his films are very well done and usually focus on drama and romance. He's also a naturally charismatic actor who is able to play roles that call for comedy and wit. Some of the longest running hits in India are SRK's films (such as "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge"). However, this particular film seems to come from an earlier time before he got into the more serious movies.

Ram Jaane (pronounced "rahm jah-nay") is an action movie for the most part. I saw a trailer for it on one of my other DVDs, and was surprised to see SRK in a role other than "charismatic romantic guy." Therefore, I had to investigate. My goodness, what I got for $4 was quite a ride. My suggestion for an alternate title to this movie is "Everyone Gets Shot in the Face." This happens many times in the course of this film, and includes a few people that you'd not expect to have that happen to them.

Checking the list I see we have no repeat performers in this one, so let's meet all the new people!

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Ram Jaane (Shah Rukh Khan) - A notorious gangster that grew up on the streets, friends with...
Murli (Vivek Mushran) - Now runs a shelter for orphans and other less fortunate young people.
Bela (Juhi Chawla) - Also grew up knowing Ram Jaane and Murli, now helps Murli with the shelter.
Pannu Technicolor (Pankaj Kapur) - One of the gangsters that Ram gets his start with, later becomes a boss figure.
Inspector Chewte (Puneet Issar) - A violent and irrational policeman that has been Ram's nemesis since he was a young boy.
Bhau (Gulshan Grover) - Technicolor's superior in the underworld, has a neck problem from his wrestling days.
Young Ram Jaane (Bhavin Patwa) - I included this kid's mug shot since he does do a good job of playing a tough street urchin.
Young Murli (Safiq Khan) - Well you know who this is too, but since the other kid got a picture so does this one.

Brace yourselves, this one's a bit over the top.

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