We have one of those wonderfully smooth transitions over to Raju and Karisma walking down the street. They're looking at various merchants hawking their wares, and come to a table with toys. The vendor tries to sell them a plastic gun, but Raju isn't interested. He spots a pile of dolls nearby (oh no it's the evil dolls oh no!) and excitedly exclaims that this is the toy that he wants. Karisma is confused, and tells him that only girls play with dolls. Raju tells her that this is a talking doll and the whole gender issue doesn't enter into it. After a small amount of haggling, the doll is purchased.

We jump cut to their home later that evening. Karisma is still going on about the "dolls are for girls" point, so Raju demonstrates the doll's impressive abilities. He commands Karisma to speak to the doll, and watch what happens. Karisma tells the doll her name, and the doll replies with a friendly spoken message, indicating that his name is Channi, and he's interested in striking up a friendship.

Karisma is astonished by this display of technology, and concedes that the doll is in fact awesome, and will no longer be the subject of derision. Mona comes into the room and tells Karisma that her cab is waiting for her downstairs, and she needs to get going. Hasty goodbyes are thrown around and Karisma walks out of the flat.

Some time passes, and we see Raju playing with various toys with Channi at his side. The news begins on the television, but Mona is ready for bed. She tells Raju that he too needs to get going in the direction of his bed. Raju says that he'd like to stay up longer, as Channi has expressed an interest in watching the news. Mona is not amused by the idea and tells Raju that both he and Channi are out of luck.

After Mona ushers Channi and Raju into his bedroom, she goes back out to the main area of the apartment and starts clearing up the various items that are scattered about. We also have a standard issue "it's very stormy and scary outside which alarms our soon-to-be victim" sequences. As she clears the dinner table, she hears the TV switch on. This startles her and she drops a plate. Now annoyed, Mona goes out to the living room to find the TV on, but only Channi sitting on the couch. Mona is a little confused at first, but her confusion gives way to annoyance as she grabs the doll and hits the power on the set in the middle of the story about the chase in the toy store.

Mona confronts Raju about what she thinks is his messing with her and being a pain. He tells her that he's been in his room the whole time, but she doesn't buy it. She orders him to bed, and gives him an almost dirty look as she leaves the room. Raju whispers to Channi that he warned him about making Mona angry. Raju rolls over, but Channi sits himself up in the bed and stares after Mona with lots of "whoosh!" sounds on the soundtrack.

Still looking a little ticked off, Mona goes out to the living room to do a little TV watching of her own. Naturally she tunes into some strange horror movie that once again is more interesting than the movie we're watching. As she does so, she is oblivious to the door of Raju's bedroom opening. We see all of this in a POV shot of the person or toys that are doing the stalking. Also of note, from the perspective we are shown, the doll seems to have grown about four feet taller. Anyway, the doll (still in a first-person view) sneaks around the place while keeping an eye on Mona. She starts hearing things around the flat, and begins to get nervous. Mona stands up and starts looking around, only to be startled by the phone ringing.

Karisma is calling from backstage, just before she's about to go on. She asks Mona how things are going, and Mona doesn't let on that she's creeped out by something. Karisma can tell in her voice though, but Mona is able to divert the chat. Mona wishes her luck on the show, then hangs up. The search of the apartment begins again, leading her into the kitchen where she heard a crashing noise.

Mona tiptoes through the room, and we see Channi sneaking up behind her on the countertop. He wields a miniature hammer that Raju had been playing with earlier, and brandishes it menacingly. By that I mean - it looks completely silly. Channi mis-steps and hits a pot lid, making a loud noise. Mona turns around just in time to take the hammer to her face. This somehow has enough force to send her flying out of the kitchen window and a very stiff mannequin... I mean Mona plummets to her death, several stories below.

The next day, Karisma returns home to find her living room full of cops. They try to block her access to the living room, but she tells them this is her house. When she steps into the main room, she locks eyes with a young detective on the scene. They have what some may call a "significant glance," but that's probably understating the five zooms on each of their faces. She asks him where Raju is, but he's just sitting one room away.

Karisma asks Raju if he's all right, and then what happened to bring all of these policemen to their house. Raju tells her in a somewhat too cheerful way that there's been an accident. Inspector Vijay butts in from his eavesdropping and says (again in too happy a way) that more specifically, her friend Mona has met with this accident.