Mast  (1999)

Ram Gopal Varma - Director / Sandeep Chowta - Music

Nitin Raikwar - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Own it!

At this point in my exploration of Bollywood films, I was ready to start looking on my own instead of hassling Money to keep getting these for me. On the two DVDs I'd seen so far, I was able to get some URL's for online stores that sold these movies. Seeing the prices on them, I decided I'd make a few purchases and see what I got. Even if I didn't like the movie, I was only out $6 most of the time. Armed only with a few names of actresses that I had previously enjoyed, I fired off an order.

One of the discs I got had a trailer for the subject of this recap - Mast. Money tells me this roughly means "have fun" in Hindi. Upon having watched the movie, the title fits. I'd also suggest an alternate translation of "go for it" or "seize the day." That will make more sense once we get into the thick of this one. The trailer that I saw had a cool song playing, and was inter-cut with scenes of a fetching young lady. That was all I needed to look it up. Fans of the genre will immediately recognize Ms. Urmila Matondkar as the lady that caught my eye. I also recognized Aftab Shivdasani from his part in Jaani Dushman, where he played the poor, falsely-accused Prem. Another return appearance with this film is Dalip Tahil, whom we last saw playing the part of Mr. Chaudhary in Gupt.

Mast is a lighthearted movie. There are a lot of silly "fantasy" style songs in this one, and just an overall playful atmosphere. It gets a little dark in spots, but the overall impression it tries to make is a happy one.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Kittu (Aftab Shivdasani) - Young man obsessed with...
Mallika (Urmila Matondkar) - a popular film star.
Mr. Mathur (Dalip Tahil) - Kittu's father, frustrated with Kittu's bad grades and obsession with the movies.
Sharda Mathur (Smita Jaykar) - Kittu's mother, just wants Kittu to be happy (Awwwww)
Niki (Sheetal Suvarna) - Kittu's sister. Provides a few genuine laughs.
Nisha (Antra Mali) - Friend of Kittu's that is secretly in love with him.
Usmaan Bhai (Neeraj Vora) - Kittu's boss in Mumbai, runs a little restaurant called "U Turn."
Toluram (Govind Namdev)- Mallika's Uncle, dominates her life and career.
Self-Proclaimed Handsome Rickshaw Driver (Shehal Dabi) - Name says it all.

With that, we begin.

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