Krishna Cottage (2004)

Santram Verma - Director / Anu Malik - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 9 minutes

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Having had an interesting time covering Bhoot, I thought I would look into some other horror movies. I asked some of the readers if they knew of any other good spooky flicks, and Krishna Cottage was mentioned. I settled down to get a good scare, and learned that this movie borrows a few major elements and themes from another movie. Surprised? What this show boils down to is a distant cousin of the Japanese horror movie Ringu (some may be more familiar with the recent American remake, The Ring).

In the original film, there was a cursed videotape that would cause anyone who watched it to die after seven days had passed. In Krishna Cottage, it's a book that has a similar effect. I was pleased to see that most of the rest of the tale was different, so at least it's not completely rehashed. Also, Ringu had a total lack of song and dance numbers, but Krishna Cottage does not suffer from the same deficiency.

We've got a fairly fresh collection of performers this time out, with only one repeat performer for the site.

Our sole returning veteran is Ms. Divya Palat, who was last seen as Kajal in Dhund - The Fog. If one recalls, I was hoping to see her get a bigger role in another film. Well, her part is actually lessened in this movie, but happily the film as a whole is far, far better than our last experience with Ms. Palat.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Manav (Sohail Khan) - An amiable college student, back in town after a stint in America, presumably for more schooling. A bit of a rock star, and engaged to Shanti.
Shanti (Natassha) - An amiable college student, happy that Manav is back from a stint in America. Not a rock star, and rather aggressively protective of her engagement to Manav.
Disha (Ishaa Koppikar) - An amiable (and mysterious!) college student. She shows up on campus the same day Manav returns from a stint in America. She gets along famously with Manav, much to the displeasure of Shanti.
Talli (Vrajesh Hirjee) - Talli is here so that Johnny Lever doesn't have to be. Other than fulfilling the role of comic relief, he's also an amiable college student, and friends with Manav and Shanti.
Nupur (Divya Palat) - An amiable college student, and the best friend of Shanti.
Sunita (Rati Agnihotri) - A very powerful medium and astrologer. She is able to speak to the dead and learn the truth behind some of the mysteries we're about to witness.
Siddarth Das (Raj Zutshi) - The author of "A Few Untold Things," a book that seems to be causing a lot of problems for those who dare to read it.
Akshay - An amiable college student, and "The Sarcastic Friend" of Manav and Shanti.
Kabir - The last amiable college student we meet. He's "The Normal Friend," and must constantly defend himself against the advances of Nupur.

Movie Law dictates that this many young attractive people are not allowed to exist in one place. Expect some casualties.

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