Khal Nayak (1993)

Subhash Ghai - Director / Laxmikant-Pyarelal - Music

Anand Bakshi - Lyrics / Running time: 3 hours 1 minute

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As I mentioned in the introduction to the Reviews section, one of the reasons I decided to check out Bollywood movies in the first place was the selection of reviews available on Stomp Tokyo. The film I'm about to explore is one of the films featured there as well. Why cover the same material they did? I'm not suggesting that I could do a better job of it. I merely plan to go into greater detail than they did. That's all!

I had been selecting my movies based solely on the cast. In the ST review of this movie, they mention a charismatic and lovely actress playing the lead role of Ganga, a belly-dancing police detective. (Just wait, you'll get the whole story soon.) This actress is Madhuri Dixit, who is every bit as lovely and charismatic as they claimed she is. I've no doubt that you'll find her enchanting as well.

This was also my first movie to feature one of Bollywood's mainstays, Jackie Shroff. Since this movie, I've seen him in at least a dozen others. I'm surprised that I made it this far without encountering this prolific actor. Jackie's got a pretty good range of characters he can play well. This one is no exception, although he's not given as much to do in this one as in many of his others.

Finally, another noteworthy actor is featured in this film as its title character ("khal nayak" means "The Villain"). Sanjay Dutt is our bad guy this time out. Mr. Dutt is a big guy. I've seen three of his movies and he's always playing the part of a very tough guy who likes to kill people, or at least beat them up soundly. Guess what he does in this movie! He's a fun actor though, and one can usually expect an entertaining performance from him no matter what the film is.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Ballu Balram (Sanjay Dutt) - all-around bad guy. Kills people, fights a lot. But deep down, we all know he's got a heart of gold. Really!

Ram Sinha (Jackie Shroff) - renowned police inspector and arch-nemesis of Ballu. No relation to Sahil Sinha.
Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) - betrothed to Ram, she's also a police inspector. Goes undercover to help bring down Ballu.
Arti (Rahkee Gulzar) - Ballu's mother. She pines for her wayward son's return even after six years of separation.
Roshan Mahanta - the boss of the gang that Ballu works for. Kills people, owns two cats.
Sophia - Ballu's girlfriend. She doesn't do much except perform two of the musical numbers. She does those well though.
Inspector General Pandey (Anupam Kher) - one of our Comic Relief Players. He's the warden of the prison Ballu spends some time in.

Now that we've met (nearly) everyone, let's get to the story.

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