Karan Arjun (1994)

Rakesh Roshan - Director / Rajesh Roshan - Music

Indeevar - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 55 minutes

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I went looking for something a little different when I discovered this movie. I was reading through some descriptions and this one sounded like the kind of variety I was after. "Karan Arjun" (pronounced "car-rahn ar-joon") deals with reincarnation, a topic that I don't know much about. So if I make any mistakes or assumptions please don't be too venomous in your replies. I'm just working with what I've got here. That sounded interesting enough, but add to that we have quite a few familiar faces with this one.

First off, Shah Rukh Khan is back. We last saw him on my site in Ram Jaane. The good news is that this time, he isn't found in a dumpster at the beginning.

Next up is the lovely Kajol. She's made appearances on my site in Dushman and Gupt. Kajol is always a consistent performer, and has yet to let me down in any movie I've had the pleasure of watching her in. Unfortunately her role in Karan Arjun is surprisingly limited.

We also have Rahkee, who was last seen playing the villain's mother in Khal Nayak.

There are a few other veterans in this movie, but this will be their first appearance on my site in a major role. Salman Khan is in this one. He's been in a quite a few big hits in India, and is one of the more action-oriented stars. Also appearing as our bad guy is Amrish Puri, who did have a small role in Jaani Dushman as the wise old sage that puts the curse on the snake people. Most moviegoers in the US will remember him a little better as the evil priest "Mola Ram" from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Arjun Singh / Vijay (Shah Rukh Khan) - One of our heroes for the movie, the son of Durga and Karan's brother.
Karan Singh /Ajay (Salman Khan) - The other hero of the movie.
Durga Singh (Rahkee) - A poor maligned mother whose faith is very strong.
Durjan Singh (Amrish Puri) - Our bad guy for the movie. Seems to have a thing about killing people with the same last name.
Saxena (Ranjeet) - Durjan's partner in crime, mostly dealing with the selling of weapons.
Sonia (Kajol) - Saxena's daughter. She takes quite a shine to Vijay, and he's more than happy to return the sentiment.
Bindiya (Mamta Kulkarni) - She's interested in Ajay, but he needs some convincing. She gets to that part a little later in the show, but it's worth the wait.
Shamsher Singh - Brother in law of Durjan. Evil guy that kills Arjun and Karan along with...
Nahar Singh - Another brother in law of Durjan's. He's got murderin' on his mind.
Suraj (Aasif Sheikh) - Durjan's son, and a real jerk. Constantly spouting (in English) "What a joke!" He's arranged to marry Sonia, but we'll see about that.
Peston (Dinesh Hingoo)- A kind and benevolent man who runs a ranch where Vijay's father works, and eventually so does Vijay.

This one gets a little violent, but on the whole it was quite a bit better than I originally expected. Let's take a look.

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