Jung (1999)

Sanjay Gupta - Director / Anu Malik - Music

Sameer - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 29 minutes

Own it!

Jung means "war" in Hindi. This doesn't really apply to the movie though. Sure there is a fair amount of shooting, but really that's not the point of the show. As you'll soon see, even the producers aren't sure what the point of the film is either.

This is the closest I've come to an action movie in my exploration of Bollywood. The good natured fellows over at Stomp Tokyo wrote a piece on this movie, and I have once again decided to expand on it a little in my own fashion. I hope they don't mind.

As action movies go, this one isn't all that great. However there is a redeeming quality to be found here, and we'll get to that soon.

For repeat performances, we have four with this film:

First up is Jackie Shroff, previously seen on this site in Agni Sakshi, Rangeela, and Khal Nayak. This man does not get a day off.

Accompanying him is Sanjay Dutt, fresh from his performance as Suraj in Dushman and also seen as Ballu in Khal Nayak.

Also with us is Neeraj Vora, whom we've seen in Mast as Usmaan Bai and the drunken partygoer in Rangeela. Unfortunately his track record of only appearing in Urmila Matondkar movies is broken here.

Last but not least we have Aditya Pancholi, whom we last saw way back in Jaani Dushman as the major jerk Ashok. He's no more likable in this one, though we don't have to look at his nasty teeth this time.

I'd also like to introduce Ms. Shilpa Shetty, a fetching young lady who does a great job in his film. We'll be seeing her again soon.

Special thanks to "Fireball" from The Gorilla's Lament for the details on how child actors are often credited as "Master" So-and-so. Young Master Jash's name down there had me a little perplexed at the time of the original writing.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Balli (Sanjay Dutt) - Nefarious criminal mastermind, has a rare bone marrow type that might be in demand.
Veer (Jackie Shroff) - Tough detective with a very ill child. Might have to swallow some pride and talk to Balli about it.
Khan (Aditya Pancholi) - Crooked detective with a history of shooting suspects in custody. Nice thing to be known for!
Naina (Raveena Tandon) - Sahil's mother, willing to do anything to save him.
Tara (Shilpa Shetty) - Knockout nightclub dancer and Balli's girlfriend.
Moosa (Saurav Shukla) - Balli's old business partner.
Ishaq - Moosa's brother, seems a little bit slow on the uptake if you get my drift.
Lachhu (Neeraj Vora) - Our comic relief for the film.
Sahil (Master Jash) - The son of Veer and Naina who comes down with leukemia.

This one gets a little zany, so just stick with me.

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