Wow. Well, as far as an introduction to the Bollywood scene, this was a doozy. I remember as I watched this movie how amazing it was, in many different ways. It was unlike anything I'd seen before, and at the same time it stole so much from other movies I felt like I'd already seen it. I will say this - after viewing this movie I had to see more. Even if they were all as silly as this one, I would love them. I'm a huge fan of cheese movies, and this one is right near the top. I was very very pleased to learn that there are many very good movies to come out of India, and I will be covering some of those as well. I just thought it was important to do this one first, since it was my first Bollywood movie. As you can imagine, it only gets better from this one.



I'm told by my friends that I need to come up with some sort of rating scale. I've decided to use two scales of 1 to 5: quality, and entertainment value. For this film I will use "Angry Karan's" as my unit of measurement.

Jaani Dushman --- Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)

Quality:       (Out of 5)
Entertainment Value:   (Out of 5)


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