The explosion from the rocket (among other injuries, I'm sure) put Atul in the hospital. Even the Toughest Man Alive has his limits, I guess. Nita fidgets nervously about in the hallway outside the OR while the doctors go to town with scalpel! and sponge! Soon the surgeon comes out to tell us that he's alive but in a coma. Nita then very dramatically slumps against the wall.

Now, you may recall there were other people in this movie. Well it's time to visit with some of them again!

Jump cut to Rashmi and Ashok the Big Jerk. They're at a picnic table, having an argument. It seems the little outing was planned by Ashok for just the two of them, but Rashmi also invited Prem (the poor friend). Ashok says that he doesn't want Prem there because he hates "that pauper." Rashmi says that he's a good friend and she won't stop associating with him. This sends Ashok into a tantrum, and he flips the table over. Rashmi stumbles backwards and falls into the water that's below their dining area. Ashok won't jump in to save her - instead he's shouting at the staff to go in and rescue Rashmi. Prem comes in at just the right moment, and hurls himself into the water despite the fact that he can't swim. What he was hoping to accomplish, I'm not sure. But don't you see?! He loves her that much. Wow!

As it turns out, Rashmi can swim - this was all a test to see if Ashok would try to save her. Instead, she ends up saving Prem the idiot, who jumped in without considering that he might do more harm than good. /sigh She storms off all mad that Ashok is a dingus.

We jump to (why do I start so many paragraphs with this? Oh yes, no transitions here) Rashmi's house. I'm assuming this is the same day, but it's kind of tough to tell. No one is wearing the same clothes and Rashmi has had a major haircut. As it turns out, it is Rashmi's birthday, and Prem has come by with a small bouquet to wish her well. She's pleased to see him, and tells him that she wants a kiss for her present. He takes about a year to get up the nerve to go do it, despite her egging him on.

By the time he gets close enough, Ashok the Big Jerk sticks a riding crop between their faces, and starts whaling on Prem. There's a bit of "How dare you touch her" dialog in here but it's mostly useless. Rashmi begs Ashok to spare Prem's life as a gift to her for her birthday. I'll have to remember this for when friends of mine have their birthdays.

"Happy Birthday, Mark! In honor of this special occasion, I'm not going to kill Pat." Economical and benevolent. That's me!

Rashmi is successful in staying Prem's execution, and she and Ashok get ready for her birthday dinner. Ashok says he's arranged a "grand party," yet the only two people there are Rashmi and Ashok. Irony would dictate that Ashok would have made his fortune as an event organizer. We see an important scene where Ashok changes his clothes and leaves his special locket behind. Prem follows them to the farmhouse and watches them from the bushes. He begins to daydream about Rashmi and her undying love for him. Or something. This of course is accomplished via a musical number! "Ishq Junu Hai" which I guess means "really long love song." This is interrupted when Prem marches over to where the two of them are standing and decides to return Ashok's beating.

More shots of people spiraling through the air and smashing furniture follow. By the end of it, Prem is choking Ashok so hard that his face turns red and his teeth turn green. Eventually he passes out and we assume dies. We see Prem get an odd look on his face as the spirit of Divya leaves his body. Oh! So that's why the previously timid and mild-mannered Prem went all violent and homicidal. Makes sense now. The cops show up in response to the house servants call about their master being corpsed up. They toss Prem into the back of the police Jeep and speed off. Neat they trusted Prem so much they didn't feel the need to cuff or otherwise restrain him. He just has one of those faces that you trust.

We cut to the interior of an interrogation room, where Prem is being aggressively beaten about the head and neck. Things are a little different in Indian prisons it would seem. The Inspector isn't interested in stopping until he gets a confession. He halts when Rashmi shows up with a lawyer to put a stop to all this. Oh and Rashmi's got her long hair again, in case you were wondering.


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