We see for a moment that Atul is now wearing the locket. I'm not sure why we got the dramatic zoom in on him leaving it on the hook in the bathroom earlier, since it evidently meant nothing. I'm smelling a hint of editing problems here, and several scenes that were meant to be lined up a little differently are now wound together with some scotch tape and a dash of "oh they won't notice."

This fight goes on for a while. Most of it is in slow motion, with some less-than-convincing fight staging. I'm not a choreographer of this stuff by any means, but let's just say that Jackie Chan need not worry too much about the competition.

The fight goes immediately into a motorcycle chase with lots of exciting stunts and close calls. We have a scene where Kapil nearly hits a trailer, but he jumps off his bike and sails over it, to dramatically land back on the bike after it passes underneath the truck. Atul jumps himself and the bike over the truck. Ramps? What ramps? You mean you can't do these things?

Kapil passes another trailer carrying a few cars. He uses a new super power to shoot fire from his hand at the cars, making them explode and leap into the air. Kind of spoils the effect though, when you can see the pneumatic rams under each car that handle the flinging of them. Atul is not phased by these tricks, and relentlessly pursues Kapil.

They find themselves behind a tanker truck carrying a load of oil. Kapil shows us yet another one of his super powers and shoots his Eye Lasers (tm) at the tank, causing the oil to spill out onto the street. Atul loses control of his bike and slides for about a mile on his leg. This is nothing to Atul, the Toughest Man Alive. It just makes him more angry! You wouldn't like him when he's angry... Oh I didn't mention that his locket flies off during this accident. Kapil noticed this too, and with much satisfaction sets upon our man Atul with renewed effort.

As Kapil is striding menacingly towards us, Atul stomps on a rock to make it fly into the air in a totally cool manner. He skips the stone into the patch of oil that was spilled sparking a huge fireball between him and Kapil. Of course being the indestructible Mystical Serpent (remember that?) the fire is no big deal to Kapil. One small nod to the special effects group here, the gesture of wiping the flames off his sleeve with his hand actually was pretty cool.

Having closed the gap, Kapil beats the living hell out of Atul. He throws him against a huge metal storage container about 200 times, then kicks him in the face for a few minutes before switching to stomping on his abdomen. You'd think that a normal man would be unable to withstand this kind of punishment. You'd be right, but this is Atul, the Toughest Man Alive. He is able to throw some sand into Kapil's face and get away for a moment. He runs to his bike and pulls out a revolver from a bag. He empties it at Kapil, who deflects and dodges the bullets using a slow motion technique that you may have seen somewhere before.

Atul is a little flustered at this point. He does manage to finally land a shot though, but Kapil reveals he has a silver fluid interior that reforms itself back to his undamaged state. Now, where have I see that before? (scratch head)

Time to take off the kid gloves Atul! Out comes the rocket launcher. I'm sorry, what? Atul has a motorcycle with a rocket launcher in a bag kept ready at all times in the event of a Mystical Serpent outbreak.

Now if you think the rocket launcher is going to stop Kapil, you've not been paying attention. Sure, he blows up. However, we get another stolen scene from T2 as the little silver puddles of Kapil all start rolling together as he reforms and gets up again.

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