The chase goes on for a little while, until Kapil decides he's had enough. He guns his bike into the air (!) and leaps over the convertible. In a move I'm pretty sure I saw in a Tom Cruise movie not too long ago, he spins the bike around on the front tire and races head-on towards the car containing the profusely sweating Victor.

Kapil again jumps his bike into thin air and crashes down onto Victor's shoulder with the front tire, which kills him. Satisfied with his accomplishment, Kapil absorbs his motorcycle into his butt and walks off. I'm not kidding. As he is striding away, he assumes the shape of Victor and heads to the party.

Suddenly it's nighttime. We see Vijay pulling up to the scene of the incident, looking all concerned. He sees Victor being hauled off by the EMT's as a detective tells him all of the information about the scene without asking who Vijay is or asking for any kind of ID. The detective is convinced that "this was no boating accident!" Just kidding, but he is sure that this was a murder. Vijay looks at the detective with a blank expression and the scene gives up.

Party time! We have our next big musical number ("Roop Salona Tera Dekh Ke" for those of you keeping track) as the young people get down with their bad selves. This is another catchy song that I rather enjoyed. Also of note in this number we have Ashok the Rich Jerk thoroughly embarrassing himself as he "dances." Even the guys looking at him are laughing!

After a few minutes of revelry, Vijay bursts in and starts shouting about how Victor's been killed. The Gang tells him that Victor's been there the whole time, and seemed to be doing okay for someone that was supposedly recently killed. Vijay insists that Victor is the Mystical Serpent (tm) and threatens to kill him. Victor tells the group that Vijay is the killer, and that they should put him in front of a mirror to reveal his true form. Of course everyone sees this as the obvious answer, and they walk off to do just that. As they are leaving Victor ducks out from under Ashok's arm and reverts to black body armor mode, then jumps into the wall. Immediately Vijay activates his "I told you so!" routine, and everyone looks sheepish.

The power goes out and everyone gets skittish. Abdul is shown with his date sitting on a couch near a doorway that's been blown open in a strong wind. Kapil appears in the doorway looking ever so menacing. He begins chasing Abdul through a suspiciously empty-looking house for a while. Finally, Kapil catches him and begins doing what I'd been wanting to do for some time - pummeling Abdul about the head and body. Kapil tosses Abdul out of the window and into a pool outside. As Abdul splashes around without actually getting anywhere, Kapil channels lightning from the sky and shoots it into the pool. One can assume what happens next, but I tell you - Abdul is one tough dude. He lasts long enough to give a nice goodbye speech while cartoon electricity zaps around on the water.

We jump to the next day, and all the friends are gathered in the middle of campus discussing their options and questionable futures. The Principal overhears their debate and offers to help explain what to do. They all wander off to his office to see what he's got to say. They gather around a large round wooden table while the Principal begins to call out to the spirit of Divya. In a dazzling display of light, a mini-Divya appears on the table in the center of a round checkerboard pattern that wasn't there when we looked at the table 10 seconds ago. Let's see... a little glowing blue holographic woman projected on a checkerboard... nope doesn't ring a bell.

Divya is rather miffed at being hauled to the table from her duties of killing people, and demands to know what they want. The Principal asks why she's killed Victor and Abdul, when they weren't the ones that assaulted her. She goes into the details about how (she thinks) all of the others worked together to bring her to the party early and be brutalized. The friends reply that they don't know what she's talking about. She won't hear any of it, and begins threatening them. Atul takes a dim view of being threatened, so he pulls out his gun (umm, okay. Lax weapons policy on campus it would seem) and begins wildly firing at the little blue lady on the table! He's a natural shot, since he blinks like a madman as he's firing and doesn't need to see where he's aiming. Apparently he hits her, as the image breaks up and disappears. Neat how she absorbed the bullets though, since no marks are seen on the table.

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