The next day (we're now on the day after the wedding in the opening scene), we catch up to the gang at school. All of them are looking appropriately subdued, having just seen three of their friends getting killed. All of them except for Atul, who is campaigning for the office of Mr. Insensitive. The friends are in agreement that Raj and Madan got what was coming to them, but they're also worried that they'll be killed as well. I'd say the odds were good, since they were kinda there when Divya told Kapil to take them all down.

I would also like to point out that in this scene the weird over-dubbing of Priti is really obvious. You've got the outside sounds around all the other people talking, but when she opens her mouth it is clear that her dialog is not being recorded at the same place as the others. No birds, no people walking by, and has a weird echo to it. It's just odd.

Anyway! Atul decides that he's having a birthday party that night. Once again, I'd like to go over the time table here. In the last 48 hours or so, they've had a close friend assaulted twice, one ending in a tragic suicide, and two other friends murdered. One by a giant snake, and the other thrown from a hotel room 7 stories up at his wedding. Not to mention they witnessed a supernatural being using powers against them and swearing to kill them. On second thought, I might be ready for some cake and ice cream after a weekend like that.

We see Victor and Seema on their way to the party on a motorcycle. It has engine trouble and breaks down. Seema gets all irritable about how the bike never works. They hitch a ride with a passing car, but they've only got room for one. Victor puts Seema in the car, leading to a truly disgusting daydream on the part of the older man sitting in the back seat. Major kudos to the actress playing this part. That's some professionalism on display there.

Moments later, a flashy red convertible drives up and the driver offers Victor a lift. After they get underway, the driver reveals he knows who Victor is and where he's going. As it turns out (surprise surprise) the driver is actually Kapil. Kapil changes to his black body armor mode and throws a dummy out of the car. Oh wait, that was supposed to be Victor. You can even see the guy in the back seat tossing it out.

Victor rolls around on the ground for about 5 minutes while Kapil looks on with a smug grin. He then jumps up out of the car in a style reminiscent of, oh say, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, only cheaper. He then runs off into the woods after Victor. The comparisons to the T-1000 (the liquid metal Terminator) can safely begin here. Kapil runs in the same fashion as the T-1000 - hands flattened, pumping vertically, whille staring straight ahead with a completely blank expression. Either that, or the actor wasn't really "on" that day. Whatever.

The chase goes on for quite a while. At one point Victor jumps into a shallow stream and crosses. Kapil, being too cool for that, instead jumps and runs through the air, cycling his arms and legs the whole time. Much in fact like they did in Crouch.. oh never mind.

Victor manages to lose Kapil for a moment, and hides in a small gully. Kapil looks around for him, making little mechanical noises as his eyes move back and forth. Bet you didn't know mystical serpents did that, did you? While he's hidden, Victor throws a rock in another direction and whacks Kapil with a stick when he goes to look for the sound. Kapil is knocked down, but stands up again without using his arms and making lots of machine noises.

Victor makes it back to the road, and hops in the convertible. As he speeds away, a motorcycle grows out of Kapil's chest and he gives chase. Stop and think about that for a moment, won't you? I'll try to show it here, but it must be seen to be believed.

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