We snap back to the previous flashback. Nested flashbacks, gotta love 'em. So to recap, we're still in the past, Divya is alive and now knows that she is also Vasundhra, who was in love with Kapil, but is engaged to Karan, and is being harassed by the Sleaze Brothers, Rajesh and Madan. My spell checker is no longer speaking to me.

Kapil and Divya (I'm going to call her that because it's easier to spell than Vasundhra) have one of those "Brad!" "Barbara!" dramatic embrace moments. This lasts for about an hour. At the end of this, Divya has a moment of clarity and remembers that whole "engaged to Karan" deal she's tied up in and runs off to her hostel room. Kapil shows up in her window in snake mode. She asks him why God would send someone else her way if she was destined to be with Kapil. He gives her some cop-out answer which amounts to, "Dunno." In the middle of this, Divya gets a phone call. She tells the human-headed snake in her window to hang on while she takes this call. I can only imagine what she'd tell Seema if she were to come home from class right now.

It's Atul on the phone, inviting Divya to Nagda Fort for a Valentine's Day party. He tells her they're getting started at 11 o'clock pm. This will become important in a little bit. Snake-Face listens intently as the details are hashed out. When she hangs up the phone, Kapil has vanished.

We jump to The Gang making the arrangements for the party. Ashok the Rich Jerk tosses in 50,000 rupees to get things underway, and to take advantage of the moment to look smarmy again. During all the tense discussion (sigh) the phone rings. Rajesh manages to get on the phone to find it is Divya on the other end, calling to cancel. Again, this is the guy that as far as we can tell less than 24 hours ago violently assaulted her. She's very very calm about talking to this guy. I don't get it. Anyway, Raj does his best to convince her that she needs to come to the party. He begins impersonating the voices of all her friends and lays the guilt on thick, lets it dry, then applies another coat. However, he tells her that the time of the party has been moved up to 10pm instead of 11. After all the grief, she finally agrees to come. We get a little "Oh we're just too evil!" moment in the car when the Sleaze Brothers are discussing their plans.

We cut to the Fort as Divya is walking in. She notices that no one else seems to be there, when the Sleaze Brothers make their evil entrance. They tell her that all of her friends were conspiring against her to bring her there to have a lesson taught to her. I'll admit, compared to some of the other movies I've seen from Bollywood, this one has some really really dark moments to it. The attitude and behavior of Madan and Raj is very sadistic and cruel. I can't say I blame Kapil for kicking all their asses (oops).

After gloating about how ingenious their plan is, they manage to carry out their threats. When it is over, Divya throws herself against a sharp root that is sticking out of the wall and impales herself. When all the others come in at the appointed party time, Divya reads them all the riot act and accuses them all of what the Sleaze Brothers had said. The gang is of course confused. About this time, Kapil shows up and sees Divya mortally wounded. She tells him that all of her friends were in on it, and asks him to kill them all.

This is when we get weird.

Kapil begins his revenge by changing from the costume he'd been wearing into a body armored suit and trench coat. This transformation is accompanied by "machine" sounds. His first attack is to exhale orange particle thingies at all the partygoers. They all go flying backwards through the air and manage to escape. All of them except Madan, that is. Sleaze Brother #2 is accosted by Kapil in snake form, and gets his face munched and neck broken.

At this point, Divya (now in spirit form) ties it all together and brings us into the present. They agree to work together to basically kill everyone we've met so far. Kapil goes over their abilities so those of us who haven't been keeping up can remember. Divya, being a spirit, can possess people and make them do stuff. Kapil, being the mystical serpent, can take on any form and is super tough and mean, and has killer halitosis.

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