With everyone laughing and forgiving the violent sexual assault, it's time to dance! We make a jump cut to the movie's first big musical number, "Chal Kudiye." We have Karan and Divya performing a lavish stage show at a wedding for someone that we've never seen before, and doesn't show up again after this bit. Also of note, I believe this is the only time in the entire movie where Karan smiles. I actually liked this song. Being a drummer myself, I found that the whole style of music was very cool. Of all the criticism I'm bringing towards this movie, I can at least say I did enjoy the soundtrack.

When all the jammin' is over, we learn that Karan and Divya are engaged, and Divya's getting a little impatient about setting a date. Karan is heading to London for business and promises to finalize the plans when he gets back. A jump cut to the airport has Vivek seeing Karan off. We get a little exposition here about how Vivek won't get his share of the family business unless he graduates from college. Also, Karan makes a big deal about Vivek calling himself Karan's step-brother, and how he never wants to hear "that word" again.

The movie declares the family bonding is over! We're now back in Divya's room at the hostel, and she's still not learned to keep the window shut. Also, Divya sleeps in very heavy makeup. I'm guessing we wash a lot of pillowcases around this place. There's a powerful storm raging outside, so Divya gets up to shut the window. However, she seems to fall into a trance and starts walking off down the hallway as she hears a voice calling to her. Seema notices her somnambulist roommate rolling out, and follows along for her own reasons. I didn't ask why.  Divya makes it "outside" to a very "realistic" set with a "convincing" skyline backdrop and lots of "trees." She gets an Excedrin headache and begins to mildly spaz out as the mysterious voice continues to call out to her. Eventually she collapses at the foot of the tree. We see her later coming to in her bed room, with half a dozen people all standing around asking her questions. Divya shoos them all away and tells them she'll catch up with them on campus.

As she's walking to class, she passes the same tree where she collapsed the previous night. Another terrifying "thunderstorm" begins, and she is frightened by some cartoon lightning bolts. Taking refuge under the giant tree she nodded off in front of the night before (what was that old saying about trees and lightning? Oh yeah, bad idea to mix the two), she hears a voice asking if "May I come, Vasundhra?" She gets irritated by the disembodied voice hassling her, and tells whoever it is that she's not scared of them. She demands they come out if they've got the guts.

Okay, now it's time to take a break from all this college stuff. We're about to shift gears into the supernatural, so buckle up.

The base of the tree explodes in a huge fireball right in front of Divya. Amazingly, she seems to handle this pretty well. A rippling portal appears in the hole of the tree, and a CG cobra slides out of it. It then morphs into Kapil. He tells Divya that he's been waiting in the tree for centuries for her to come and call him out. Apparently these two were quite an item back in the day, but Divya claims to know nothing about what Kapil is referring to. I've had this happen before too, and it's always awkward.

Kapil explains that it's normal for people to forget their previous lives when they are reincarnated. He tells her that he's going to turn into a snake again, and she should put the diamond that is on his hood to her lips. This apparently will bring back her memories of the centuries they've spent together. So, as most people do when their old sweethearts turn into snakes with precious stones on their heads, she pops it right in her mouth, and it triggers a... musical number! This one is called "Aaja Aaja," and is accompanied by lots and lots of obvious CG work. During this flashback, we see how their cruel fate befell them. As they are cavorting about, they accidentally awaken a holy man that had been meditating for years to meet his creator. He goes all Raiden on them, and lays a heavy on the snakes. According to his curse, Vasundhra will die at the setting of the sun for their interference. They plead for him to take the whammy off them, but the holy man tells them "tough noogies" and that his curse is irrevocable. They begin beating their heads on rocks to show how much they're sorry (what the hell?).

The head-beating technique works (remind me to try this the next time I am pulled over for speeding), and the holy man takes pity on them. He says that he cannot stop the curse, but that there is a way for them to be reunited after centuries have passed. While he's explaining this to Kapil, Vasundhra keels over in one of the best death scenes ever. I think you're the bee's knees Manisha, but damn this scene is funny. Kapil is naturally upset about this, and he begs the holy man to tell him what to do. The holy man (wish he had a name, I couldn't find one) tells him that he must keep a long vigil. Vasundhra will be reborn in the 21st century as a woman. Kapil asks for a blessing that he would see no others but her. The idea they come up with is not what I would have guessed, but what do I know? THM tells him that Kapil will live inside the banyan tree they are standing next to until Vasundhra calls out to him. Also as an added bonus Kapil will be bestowed with powers to make him invincible to all but one who has been endowed with divine powers. As one could imagine, this will come to be an important fact later.

Remember when this movie was about a bunch of college students? No? Well we're about to head back to that.

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