After a stunning and slightly dizzying title segment, we open upon a wedding. Rajesh is greeting all of his friends as they come to congratulate him upon his nuptials. His bride stands there and does little else but smile sweetly as people wander up and give us some exposition. Vijay is a tough boxer type, Prem is the poor friend, Ashok is a smarmy rich guy with an attitude, etc. We have several scenes of the guys and gals all enjoying themselves fabulously and living the high life. Eventually once all the hasty character introductions are done, Atul suggests that Raj head upstairs and get on with the business of the wedding night.

Things are looking good for ol' Raj. He's got the "Mista Schmoove" walk down, the suave look on his face - the man can do no wrong as he saunters over to the bed where his lovely blushing bride awaits. She plays coy and dodges his advances for a moment, then we get to the first moment of ... well they're not exactly "special" effects. Basically the bride reveals herself to be a killer skeleton (really) and she begins beating the daylights out of Raj. This is the worst looking skeleton I've ever seen. Please don't take my word for it though. After a prolonged "action" scene where the skeleton beats Raj like an unwanted pack mule, he eventually gets thrown out the window and lands in the middle of the party, seven stories below. Lucky for Raj, his friends are there to shake him about and pull him around after that fall and landing on solid ground. Being made of some tough stuff, he's got the ability to tell the guests that something's happened to his wife. The concerned guests tear up the steps and hastily search the room. All that remains of the bride is her wedding gown!

Off to the police we go. The Inspector tells them that since they've got no evidence (wth?) that he can do nothing. Victor says that he's got pictures of the girl that he can provide, and that seems to be what the police want. He runs off to develop the film of the wedding, only to find that amazingly the bride isn't in the photo! To make sure the audience understands this, we get several quick zooms on the picture, and Victor spells it out for us. Thanks Vic.

The skeleton heads home after a long days' work of getting married and homicide. It shape-shifts into Vasundhra, who immediately launches into a flashback of when she was alive as Divya - a vibrant young college student. We see that Divya is a rather no-nonsense kind of gal who's quick to dispense advice and truth to the hungry masses. She reassures Prem that Rashmi is not in love with Ashok, she's just being grateful to him for paying for her mother's cancer treatments. Prem is all fired up about this and runs over to tell Rashmi that he loves her dearly. Ashok intervenes and Prem is publicly embarrassed while Comic Relief Abdul tries to bail him out with a golden nugget of comedy. I won't spoil the joke here, since I know you'll be watching this soon.

Meanwhile, Rajesh (flashback, remember?) and Madan are sexually harassing Divya in the hopes that it will woo her. Tip to the easily influenced - this rarely works. After establishing that they're both sexual predators, they move on to have a theological discussion with Atul and Vivek. Really. If you like a movie that shifts gears without a clutch, you've got it right here. It is revealed that Atul is an atheist, which will have some bearing on later events. I'm not spoiling this here, they practically tell us this while they're rambling.

After a brief shower scene with Divya and Seema (calm down, it's neck up. Although there are no curtains or dividers to be seen, so let your imagination fly) we see the Sleaze Brothers (Raj and Madan) climbing through the window into Divya's room. They renew their earlier efforts with much more intensity and things get a little rough. Also, the most incredible line I have ever seen in a subtitle makes its appearance here. Seriously, I felt like a criminal just reading it.

Luckily for Divya, Karan makes his dramatic entrance (in slo-mo) before things go any further. Special thanks go to the stagehands who yanked the clearly visible wires on the doorknobs as Karan "kicked" it open. Karan delivers a savage beating to the perpetrators by swinging his fists very close to their faces. Eventually he decides they've had enough and takes them to The Principal's Office. Yup. That's usually the first place attempted rapists go when they're caught. Karan says that since he's so concerned about the reputation of the school that he wants the principal to handle their punishments. The Sleaze Brothers plead with him to go easy on them, since something like this could hurt their careers. You think? The punishment ends up being - I really can't believe it either - to go and apologize to Divya and ask for her forgiveness. I don't think so.

So they catch up to Divya outside in the public area where there are tons of people around, including all of her closest friends. After an impassioned speech about how wrong they were, they plead for her forgiveness. Then all of her friends - her closest companions, mind you - all tell her not to be so mean and to forgive the Sleaze Brothers already. When I showed this movie to my wife, she turned it off at this point. I'll have to admit, this whole scene really surprised me too. Remember, this was the first Bollywood movie I had seen at this point. My mind was reeling with anticipation at what other astounding moments like this lay ahead of me.

Amazingly enough, Odious Humor Abdul pops in and says if he can make Divya laugh, then all is forgiven. Somehow they end up laughing at his joke, and life is good. What a world.

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