Karan somehow knew to come here from the police station (he read the script). He sees Kapil about to kill Vivek. Let's count the scenes that are directly lifted from the source material:

The killer is impaled with a steel rod, which he then pulls out through his left side, reforming his original shape. Check.

The killer is thrown face-first into a control panel, and has his front side morph onto his back side, so he's facing front again without turning around. Check.


Various wire-fu shots, head-butts, dummies being tossed around.

The fight scenes are inter-cut with a few of TP doing the prayer thing he did when he was summoning Divya to the card table. This will become important in a moment or two.

Lots of scenes of Karan getting his ass handed to him by Kapil. I guess that whole "killing an innocent is a sin" bit from an eternity ago no longer applies. We may need a ruling from the judges on this one. Kapil starts to throttle Karan with a hose, as Vivek starts hugging him to death. Karan looks more annoyed than asphyxiated, as his brother puts the moves on Kapil.

Karan manages to wrest the hose from Kapil's grasp, which sends everyone flying. Kapil is all pissed off now, so he hits Vivek and he flies through the air for about a hundred yards. This further enrages Karan, and (sigh) the fight is renewed. Kapil has had enough however, and slams Karan down on a railing in a manner that would paralyze normal men. Kapil throws a dummy down the hall and pretends that it's Karan. Slooooooooow mooooooooootion... fight scenes are still going on.

TP is jamming away on the prayer thing, and making some pretty good faces of his own while he's at it.

We get back to the T2 ripoff stuff here.

Hero, pinned to a catwalk has a metal rod slammed through his back, impaling him to the floor. Check.


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