During all the excitement, Vivek doesn't do anything. He does look alarmed when the bikes explode, but that's about it.

More kung-fu. Eventually Atul is thrown to the ground, and Kapil busts out his knife. We get the traditional style of wrestling around, making sure no one gets poked in the eye. However this doesn't last, and finally Kapil gets loose and plants the knife in Atul's (again!) stomach. Atul the Toughest Man Alive yells at Vivek to get out of there while he holds onto Kapil's leg. He can do that because he is Tough. Vivek finally takes off running. Kapil gets mad that Atul won't let go of his leg, so he stomps on the butt of the knife that's poking out of Atul's belly. This looks like it would hurt. After enough stomping, he finally gets loose.

Vivek hops into a nearby motorboat and heads off into the water. Kapil sets off after him and runs out onto the water! I've heard of this happening one other time before... /shrug. A weird nod to the special effects guys here. I know I've made light of some of their work so far, but it's so weird how they do things. They do observe some details while at the same time looking completely fake. This running on water gag is a good example of this. They put a reflection of Kapil in the water, as well as little splashes where his feet would be making contact, but it all moves in such a way as to completely spoil the image. They're heading in the right direction though.

Alongside the chase we see a jet-ski pull up. It's Atul. You know, the guy that thirty seconds ago was passed out with pain from a man stomping on a knife in his stomach? That guy. Did I mention he was tough? We do see the knife is still on him, though it now looks to be hanging limply from his shirt in a completely different place, and there's no blood on him. He leaps off his jet-ski and knocks Kapil underwater where they do the ol' grapplin' underwater routine. Finally it looks like Kapil gets the upper hand, and Atul stops moving. Kapil leaps from the water and looks around for the boat, which has completely disappeared. No wake, no major turbulence on the water. Vivek is a very cunning sailor it would seem.

Whoa! Not so fast! Atul is shown swimming underwater. To where?!

"Too much beach time," decides the movie. "More prison stuff." We see Karan kicking the door off of his cell in slow motion. As one would expect, the cops in the room are caught a little off guard (bah doom crash!) and hop up from their desks. Karan begins kung-fuing everyone in the place. You know, if he wasn't really going to be in jail before, they've probably got a case against him now. Ah well. This guy is strong! He throws a chair at a cop so hard he goes flying through a window. He plants another one through the top of his cardboard desk! In fact, the desk gag is used at least three times in this fight. Man is he strong!

We take a break from all this excitement to cut to TP's office, where Atul is staggering in, broken and defeated. He pleads with TP to save Vivek from the nightmare that has befallen them.

After that, we go to ... well it's apparently a steel factory or something like it. The only reason I can see they are there is so that they may completely - and I do mean completely - rip off the last big fight in Terminator 2. Vivek is floundering his way around the aisles as Kapil stalks him.


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