Karan says that his brother would never do anything like that, but Divya plays the step-brother card again. I was confused by why this kept coming up, so I asked Money about it. Since step-siblings are somewhat rare in India, they are on occasion looked at as being part of the family, but sort of an outsider and thusly somewhat less trustworthy. So there we have it - I learned something today. Back to the movie!

Divya says that she's gonna kill Vivek no matter what, and ghosts her way out of the cell as the inspector moseys over. He enters the cell and tells Karan that his brother is still alive. Then (Oh no!) he changes into Kapil, and says that his brother living is only temporary, and he'll take care of the details. Karan, known for keeping his cool, grabs Kapil and begins throwing him into the walls. I would have thought that tossing around a uniformed policeman (for all the other guards know, this is one of their own in there) while inside a holding cell might be a poor choice of action. Hollering, "I'm going to kill you!" to the guy while doing all this other stuff might also be poor form.

Kapil changes back into the image of the inspector as the other cops come over to see what all the noise is about. They get on Karan's case as he wiggles free of his grasp. If you look you'll see the "high security" iron bars suffering from some structural integrity problems as Karan reaches through them.

We find ourselves in the hospital as Kapil is strutting about in a lab coat and turtleneck. He passes Atul's (remember him?) room where we see Nita still holding her vigil over the comatose form of the Toughest Man Alive. As soon as Kapil passes Atul's room, Atul's eyes fly open!

Nita runs off to get the doctor. When they return from his office, they find Atul's bed is empty! Kapil checks in on Vivek, only to find his bed is empty as well! At this point, we see the true regenerative powers of the human body at work. The savagely beaten Atul and the recently gut-stabbed Vivek are running outside to a parked dirt bike. I mean they don't look at all worse for wear - Vivek was stabbed in the stomach not more than a few hours ago, and now he's riding on the back of a souped-up motorbike! Amazing!

Kapil sees this from the building, and leaps his own chest-grown bike out of the wall (!!) of the building after them. They go tearing off across a beach. Kapil's bike easily overtakes the fleeing patients, and Kapil pulls Vivek off of the back of the bike. Vivek goes running off along the beach with Kapil in hot pursuit. As Vivek leads him towards some big rocks, Atul comes flying off a hill behind them and startles Kapil. A game of chicken unfolds as the "comatose as of five minutes ago" Atul the Toughest Man Alive faces off against Kapil the Mystical Serpent.

One of the reasons I decided to start writing these things was so that I could type sentences like that one.

The game of chicken evolves into a wheelie face-off, then both guys jump off their bikes and grab each other in the air. Yes, it's totally believable, stop looking at me like that. Oh yeah, as they land, their bikes which had no known problems prior to this, explode. Round Two of Mortal Kombat begins between Atul and Kapil, with lots of beefy kung-fu goodness. No, none of it looks at all choreographed, thank you very much.


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