Back to the house. We see Vivek flinging open the door to allow TP to come in. TP listens as Vivek tells his story about the threat he received and asks what to do. TP tells him that he should take off the locket and act as bait to lure Kapil to the house. This did not seem like a good idea to me either, Vivek. Anyway, Vicky decides that instead of taking off the locket and setting it somewhere reasonable, he's going to throw it out the window. Once the locked has been defenestrated, (shock and awe!) TP reveals himself to be Kapil. If you didn't see this one coming a mile away, I know a good optometrist for you.

Kapil tells Vivek that "his will be a memorable death." He uses the Force to throw Vivek onto a nearby couch, and then proceeds to "kill" him by, um, well... lifting the couch into the air and spinning it in circles. Now admittedly, I'm not a killer. I may not be completely in the know about all the modern techniques of taking peoples' lives, but to me - this doesn't seem all that life-threatening. Irritating, perhaps. While all this is going on, the real TP shows up at the door. Kapil, in a sudden change of heart, stops the Sinister Spinning Sofa, and gently sets it back down on the floor. This struck me as odd, since he's trying to, you know, kill Vivek. Anyway.

Kapil jumps through the wall as TP runs over to the very sweaty and googly-eyed Vivek. He asks where the locket is, and says he'll get another once he learns that it's been tossed out. He heads out as Karan steps through the door. Karan tells him that everything is going to be okay now that he's there.

We jump to a scene at the airport, where Karan is shown getting into a cab. Wait! If Karan's really at the airport... then - oh no! Back at the house, "Karan" is making some rather menacing comments to Vivek about how he doesn't want to turn over half his company to a step-brother. Vivek gets very nervous and starts backing away from him. "Karan" says that he's going to take advantage of the current killing spree and whack Vivek himself, and let the mysterious serial killer take the heat for it. Oh, and I was wrong earlier - "Karan" smiles here too. But it's a mean one, not a happy one. So there!

At that very moment, the real Karan shows up outside. The fake Karan now has a mean-looking knife that he sticks into Vivek. He then jumps through the wall after reverting to Black Body Armor mode again in a piece of reused footage. Karan bonks his head on the wall as he tries to follow Kapil, then runs over to Vivek and pulls out the knife. We see Kapil making an anonymous call to the police reporting a killing at Karan's house.

Karan's having trouble getting an ambulance to the house. However, the cops show up a second later to see what all the ruckus is about. Vivek limps over to them and says that Karan is the one who has stabbed him. This despite knowing the killer is a shape shifter, and possibly even seeing him morph into his true form and jumping through a wall.

We suddenly find ourselves in the Fort again, where Kapil is explaining to Divya why he didn't finish Vivek off. He says that his brother showed up, and to kill an innocent person is a sin. Well guess what! That raises an interesting dilemma, since that's what they've been doing the whole damn movie after the deaths of Rajesh and Madan. Sadly though, we really don't explore this point.

Now we're with Karan in a holding cell. He sees Divya on the other side of the bars and starts telling her what's happened, and asks her to go find out what's going on. He doesn't realize she's a ghost until she passes through the bars, and then through Karan. Remember, she's luminous, blue, and semi-transparent. All of this is apparently unnoticed by Karan. Good thing he's not the detective.

Divya brings Karan up to speed with the story as she knows it. Karan's a little confused, since he doesn't think Vivek or any of his friends would do something as sick as what she's claiming.

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