Let's take a moment. I know I've asked a lot from you so far. However, at this point we've got about half an hour of movie left. If you need to take a moment to rest, I'll understand. The reason I do this now, is because we're about to introduce new characters. (duck) Look, I didn't make it. I'm just telling you about it.

We cut from a shrieking Priti to a couple we've never seen before. I've since seen the man of the pair in quite a few movies. He's always doing a comedic role, so I'm guessing that's his shtick. Here, he's playing a guy named Parwana. Anyway, he's arguing with the woman (Niki) because she wants some of the money he's counting. This bit of "comedy" goes on for a while, until Vivek walks in and gives her some cash. She heads out after razzing Parwana one last time.

Vivek gets a phone call from Priti who tells him the bad news about Vijay. Vivek literally drops the phone mid-sentence and walks over to the bar. Parwana yanks the booze away and refuses to let Vivek drink. He goes on about how it will affect Vivek's performance that night. I've deduced that Parwana is some kind of manager for Vivek, but they never actually say it. Thanks screenwriters. Parwana gets on the phone and calls... someone. They don't say who. Vivek has some words with the Mystery Voice, and agrees to go and do the show right now!

This can only mean one thing - boogie time! Here's the last big song for the movie, "Javed Bhai So Re Le." (Javed Bhai is asleep). I'd like to thank the 1980's for donating their wardrobe for this number. I can't remember the last time I saw so many fluorescent colors on people. Still, it's a catchy song.


As soon as the song ends (and I mean the very second it ends) someone runs up onto the stage with a cell phone for Vivek. It's Kapil (yawn) and he's being all threatening again. Vivek angrily throws the phone away. I hope that was his phone. Otherwise I'd be sending someone a bill about now.

Vivek heads out. He stops to ask a security guard if TP is at home (this is shot against a black background, I have no clue where they are). He's not, so Vivek leaves a message and carries on. We next see Karan (wow! Karan! It's been about 2 hours man, how've you been?) answering the phone at his desk. We see that it's Vivek calling from a phone booth, excitedly exclaiming, "This is Vivek! I'm Vicky!"

In an increasingly harder to follow manner, Vivek tells Karan that there's someone after him, and that it has killed his friends off one by one. Karan angrily yells into the phone that he's on his way back there on the next flight to take care of business.

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