We jump to (my legs are getting tired) an outdoor scene with Priti and her dad. He's telling her that she's going to marry the beefy guy (Raju) that's standing there looking, well, beefy. Priti isn't interested in what's for dinner, so she puts on quite the display of dramatic hair flipping. I was impressed. She stomps off after declaring that she's going to marry Vijay whether they like it or not. While she's off having her pout, her father suggests to Raju in a none-too-subtle way that he should try to kill Vijay in their boxing match that afternoon. Ah, is there nothing daddies won't do to make sure their little girl's have only the best?

Whoosh, we're at the boxing match. Raju makes his macho entrance while his coach talks a lot of smack to get everybody all good and intimidated. We learn that Vijay has refused to come to the match, but Priti talks him into it. Now, this whole episode is rather confusing. We don't actually see Priti do the convincing. She says that she wants him to come, he says no, then all of a sudden he's making his entrance. Whatever.

Vijay takes off his locket (oh no!) and gets ready to fight. I found it interesting they are fighting in their street clothes, with no gloves other than some tape on their hands. The bell rings and we're off. I'm not a big fan of boxing, so we'll keep this short. Vijay pretty soundly kicks Raju's ass in Round 1. They go to their corners to await the sounding of Round 2. This one doesn't go too well for Vijay, and he gets a good pounding. During the break, TP (who is running the match) suspects something is up, and whips out a fancy little silver box. He holds it up, facing Raju and some purple energy is sucked into it. We can see Divya's face inside the little cloud. When the bell for Round 3 is rung, Raju gets up to go fight. We see the image of Divya sitting on the stool that Raju was just on. He'd been possessed! However TP's little box has somehow bound Divya outside of Raju's body.

With Divya's Righteous Indignation no longer at work in Raju, Vijay goes back to thrashing him. Kapil comes into the gym and takes a seat in the bleachers. He sees Divya bound to the stool, and looks alarmed. He reverts to cobra mode and starts a panic as all the spectators flee the bleachers. Oddly, no one on the judges panel nor in the ring seems to notice the mob of spooked fight fans. During the confusion, the locket falls off of Priti's lap and under the seats. Raju goes down for the count, and Priti runs up into the ring to congratulate Vijay. I feel it's important to emphasize the fact that there's almost a full blown panic going on in the gym, and those involved in the fight itself are completely oblivious to it. Weird what the mind focuses on at times of stress I suppose!

We cut to the fort where Divya killed herself. She's talking to Kapil, who is angry that Divya chose to try and possess Raju and kill Vijay herself instead of letting Kapil take Raju's form and kill him instead. Divya wanted to be the one to take Vijay out, since she says he was the one to tell her the time to come to the party. She considers him to be the biggest traitor out of the lot, and wants to do the job personally.

Now we're in the weight room as Vijay works on his guns. Priti apologizes for losing his locket, but he's not afraid. He believes he's proven that he's not someone to mess with, and promises to kill the Mystical Serpent that is after them. Divya takes this moment to possess Vijay and forces him to walk to the elevator. He makes sure to give Priti a good shove on his way out. He cries out that something is making him do this, and that he's trying to fight it.

He ends up on the roof (of course) and spends a while "forcing himself" through the doorway, off of a few obstacles, etc. Priti makes it out to him and gets tossed around again. At least this time Divya pokes her spectral head out of Vijay so Priti can see that it's not really him that's doing this. She runs back to the weight room and gets the two bodybuilders that are still working out and begs them to go help Vijay. They make their bulky way upstairs to see Vijay right on the edge. In a hilarious and totally "convincing" move, Vijay throws the two guys together, and they do that "tuff guys bouncing off each others' chest" move that's usually played for laughs. Only here, it completely (somehow) knocks them both out.

Priti gets yet another shove while Vijay jumps up onto the ledge of the building and does the traditional "whoa! whoa!" motions while looking down. Finally Vijay goes over the edge. We see the spirit of Divya step out of his body on the way down, and he goes splat.


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