Rashmi tells the police that it was all an accident, and that Ashok died when he slipped and hit his head on a rock. There is the matter of forensic evidence that will most likely show that Ashok was strangled, not killed by head trauma, but then again I'm not paid to investigate these things. The lawyer insists that with that statement Prem is as good as free. When they have a moment to themselves, Prem asks why she's doing all this for him. She tells him it's because she loves him

Having dropped this bomb on him, she trots off with a cutsey-poo smile. Prem is understandably happy about all this. He's so sure that he's off the hook and on the arm of his sweetheart. We'll see how long this lasts.

We then jump to the trial. The servants that were present for the murder all testify that Prem is indeed the one who killed Ashok. The lawyer uses the argument (I love this) that why should they believe these two eyewitnesses when they could only be proving their loyalty to their dead master? (ha-ha!) Instead, we'll call upon Ms. Rashmi to set things straight.

Rashmi makes an entrance in a swanky black dress and takes the stand. When she is asked to tell her story - she accuses Prem of the murder! Who knew this astonishing plot twist could unfold here!? Naturally Prem looks a little surprised. He resigns himself to his fate, and is given the death penalty. Rashmi stomps down from the stand and is intercepted by Priti who was watching from the gallery with The Principal. Priti asks what just happened, only to be shoved backwards by Rashmi as she makes her exit. Once she's safely outside, Rashmi transforms back into (bum bum bum!) Kapil. Nothing like two birds with one stone, eh Kapil?

Kapil heads into a house we've not seen before, where we find the real Rashmi tied to the bed and gagged. He takes the tape off of her mouth and unties her, explaining what he's done. She looks at the camera and yells at us so loudly we jump cut to the hospital with Nita and Atul.

Nita is tending to her comatose boyfriend while the doctor futzes around with some medical gizmos. Nita asks if there is any news about when they think he might wake up. The doctor offers some less than encouraging information, and heads out. Nita looks upon Atul with weepy eyes and nuzzles him back to health.

We make the logical transition from the hospital to a computer lab where we see Priti and Vijay banging away at the keys. Typing, you guys. Come on. Vijay is distracted from his problematic source code by the sight of the charred and slightly decomposed figure of Abdul (the one that was electrocuted at the party) having a spasm in the doorway.

Being the curious type, Vijay gets out of his seat to investigate. When he reaches the hallway, he sees the body being dragged across the floor by an unseen force, leaving a cool bloody smear on the floor as he goes. The body hangs a left and enters the library, taking a moment to give the audience a knowing look. I for one am on the edge of my seat with no idea of what's about to happen. As Vijay goes into the library, the doors slam shut behind him (Oh no!). He sees the body sitting on a chair in front of him with his back to the doors. In a moment of complete predictability, he changes into Kapil and another kung-fu fight breaks out.

We've been told already that Vijay is a boxer and all-around athletic person, so this fight ends up being a little more energetic than the others. Vijay gives as good as he gets in this one, with lots of throwing each other around and smashing candy glass panes and other cardboard furniture. After a lot of tuff-guy stuff, Vijay gets his hands around Kapil's neck, and starts squeezing as hard as he can. Suddenly we're back in the computer lab with Vijay yelling at the top of his lungs at his desk. Apparently it was a hallucination.

Priti gets up and asks him what his problem is while the rest of the class looks at him like he just belched the national anthem. TP walks in and asks what all the racket is about. Vijay tells him that he saw Kapil again, only TP seems to be disinterested in the story and tells him to get out.

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