Let me start by saying that I can see where some might think I didn't like this movie based on my comments. However that is not the case. I did enjoy this movie a lot. The songs were fun, the characters were actually pretty well defined (except for the Fat Laughing Man, I don't know what the heck he was there for), and as a mystery it kept me guessing. I thought for sure I had the guilty one picked out, and was way off. I showed this movie to my family, and none of them guessed it either. Not because the story wasn't well crafted, but because it was! Having seen this a few times now, I can say that the movie doesn't cheat with its facts. That's good. Also despite its technical flaws, this film was better made than Jaani Dushman was.

As I mentioned in the prologue, this was the second movie I'd seen that featured Ms. Manisha Koirala. This was also the one that sold me on her! She's good. Not just pretty, but also a good actress. I have seen a lot of her films since these two and she covers a wide variety of characters, and does it well. I'm impressed.

This was my first encounter with Kajol. I liked her performance in this movie, and have since seen many others that she starred in as well. Again, another very fine actress in a wide variety of roles. I'm looking forward to many more.

My only major problem with this movie is the improbable nature of Sheetal's burning love for Sahil. I just don't understand how someone that was so violent and evidently into someone else could be so attractive to her. Or perhaps I'm just jealous! Ah well.



For this film I will use "Dopey Anna's" as my unit of measurement.

Gupt --- The Hidden Truth (1999)

Quality:     (Out of 5)
Entertainment Value:   (Out of 5)


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