After some tense scenes between Singh and Sheetal, they discover that Sahil has fled via the bathroom window. Then in a moment that really boggles the mind, Sheetal says that Sahil was there all night, and that she's going to do anything she can to help him. I really need to learn more about India's criminal process, because where I come from this is known as "aiding and abetting a known felon." Not too many people in this movie seem to be concerned about all this. Again, even if Sahil is able to prove that he's not guilty of killing his step-father, he (and a few others) are all guilty of assault, obstruction of justice, interfering with an investigation, etc. Ah well, just a movie!

After all that drama, Udham and the CRCs head over to Isha's house. He asks if her dad is home (he isn't) and if she was supposed to be engaged to Sahil. She indicates that she was. He tells her that Sahil will definitely try to contact her, and that when he does she should ask him to turn himself in. If he causes a fuss, he's going to catch lead. With that happy thought, he goes away.

Isha heads upstairs and is grabbed from behind by Sahil. How and when he got into the house is not shown, and she looks shocked to see him. This leads me to believe we can safely add "breaking and entering" to Sahil's checklist. They talk a bit about what they should do. Isha wants to run away with him and leave all this madness behind them. Sahil says that if they do that then he'll never unravel the mystery that we're looking at. He decides to contact Dr. Gandhi since his step-father used to consult him with all of his problems.

We see the Minister and the Fat Laughing Man at Dr. Gandhi's office. The Minister is a nervous wreck, and is asking for some help to calm down. Dr. Gandhi gets a phone call from Sahil, and they discuss a meeting.

Later that night, we see Sahil scaling the wall outside of the doctor's house. He sees the front door is unlocked, and he lets himself inside. He also lets out the cat. The movie thought that deserved a close-up, so I figured I'd better tell you about it too. Sahil pretends to be Solid Snake as he sneaks past the servants, and makes his way to the doctor's room upstairs. Dr. Gandhi is sitting with his back to the door, with the television on. As Sahil walks around in front of him, we see Gasp! Oh no! the doctor has been killed! Once again the knife is left sticking out of the victim.

One of the servants happens by the room just as Sahil is hovering over the body. A conclusion is jumped to by the servant and he starts raising a racket about how his master has been murdered. Sahil throws him down and runs out of the house. We pan over to see the boots and jeans and bloop-bloops of The Killer who is still in the house! As Sahil runs outside, we get a freeze-frame and zoom on his face.

As we've discussed, these movies are usually close to three hours long. A lot of the DVDs don't show this, but there's apparently an intermission in most of them. It's my guess that this dramatic pause here indicated the beginning of the intermission.

We find ourselves at the police station where a knife resembling those used in the killings is dropped dramatically into the frame as the person wielding it stomps over to Neelkanth sleeping at his desk. Don't get too worried though, it's only Pandu trying to "figure out the case." He starts pretending to stab Neelkanth in all sorts of totally convincing ways. That red herring aside, we get back to the movie. One other note here, this is the first time Neelkanth is referred to by name. 1 hour and 31 minutes into the movie. (sigh)

So all the cops are passing the knife around. It's at this point Udham asks if they were able to get any prints off of it. (sigh again). These guys make Leslie Nielsen look like Sherlock Holmes. Singh compares the weapons and notices that the knives seem to be of the same make and mould.

We cut to a room with most of the other characters sitting around a desk talking about the situation. Uncle Sleazy suggests they offer a reward for any information pertaining to the case. Brilliant! The Minister gets angry and asks why they need the police if they're going to get help from the public. Udham Singh overhears this debate and gets mad. He defends the police force and generally makes the Minister look dumb. Just then, the two CRCs walk in with Diwan Ishwar. They inform them that Sahil and Isha have run off together in Mr. Ishwar's car.

We jump to what looks like the mountains (tough to tell just yet). Isha tells Sahil that she's taken him away from all the danger in the city to protect him. He brings up the "If I run I can't solve the mystery" deal again, which I thought they had hashed out previously. Ah well.

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