We cut to the fugitives again. The two ruffians that Sahil took with him are hanging off of a truck as it's heading out. They ask him if he wants to come with them, but he's got things to do. They take off. As Sahil is walking off, he has a car door open in front of him. Sheetal's here to pick him up. She's got the locket with her, so we can finally get down to figuring out who the killer is.

Sheetal tells him that he is to spend the night at her place (lucky bastard!), and then they'll hide him in her family's old mansion. According to her, "the police can never get there." Complicated neighborhoods always get me lost too.

We see Supercop Udham Singh approaching the thatched hut that we saw the speedboat driver in earlier. He's still there, with his girlfriend or someone. They don't bother to introduce her, since she's just there to give the guy a hostage. When Singh demands to know where the fugitives are, Boat Guy grabs Hostage Girl and says that if they don't let him go, she's going to lose some weight. Particularly from the back of her head. Singh apparently has seen "Speed," since he decides to shoot the girl himself (only in the leg) and leaves Boat Guy in the open. Singh wastes no time in then shooting Boat Guy. Take him in for questioning? What? Who actually does that?

Back to Sheetal and Sahil. They are her house now, and he's resting up. He laments how hard it's going to be to solve this puzzle, and she tells him to relax and she's there to help. There is also some vague flirty stuff from Sheetal, but since Sahil is an idiot he completely misses all of it. She goes off to get him something to eat while he snoozes.

Now we are with Singh and the CRCs again. They are making a raid (with just three officers!) on what appears to be a "House of Ill Repute," if you get my drift. Our two fugitives are there to "relax" with the ladies, and are caught off guard. I'm not sure how Singh knew to come here. I'm guessing they got some information from the girl at the hut, but they don't show us. Singh races up the steps and kicks in the door on one of the bedrooms. Naturally there's a shrieking woman on the bed that helpfully announces Singh's arrival. Fugitive #1 comes running in and grabs for a gun. Singh shoots him in the chest three times. Seems excessive since the dude was going down after the first one, but you can never be too sure!

All the ruckus alerts Fugitive #2, and he grabs one of the CRCs as a hostage. Again we have a little stare-down moment, then Singh shoots him in the face. A brief moment of genuine comedy follows, then it's back to Oblivious Man and Sheetal.

He's asleep when she comes in with his dinner. She talks to herself about how hard it is to love this guy when he's so dumb. Or something along those lines. Then she crawls up on the bed with him and pretends to bite his face. Then she blows on his hair. Look, I said she was pretty. I didn't say she was normal.

She lies back on the bed, apparently satisfied. She launches into another one of her musical daydreams. This time it's just her and Sahil though, and no annoying cutaways to Isha. We jam to the tune of "Mushkil Bada Yeh Pyaar Hai" for a while. As soon as that's over, she tucks him in and walks out of the shot.

It's the next day, and Sheetal is awakened by a knock on her door. She opens it to find Udham Singh there with Uncle Sleazy, her dad, and the CRCs. He asks if he can come in, and she starts with some attitude. He pushes past her into the room and starts nosing around. Sheetal starts checking the room for signs of Sahil, but he seems to be either gone or well hidden. They go through some more of that, "Damn he's a good detective" type of thing where he notices all these tiny details and pokes holes in all of her excuses.

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