In an odd twist, instead of going to the Dark Cell alone, Sahil ends up there with the two guys he was fighting with. He shows them the metal thing, and they get nervous. He tells them that he'll spare their lives if they do what he tells them. They agree, and he goes over the escape plans with them. They begin digging around the toilet while exciting toilet pit digging music plays. Wow, there's a genre you don't get too many selections from. We get a montage of digging scenes inter-cut with a calendar ticking off the days. On Day 4, one of the other inmates flips out saying they've already gone two feet, and there's no sign of the drainpipe they were supposed to find. Sahil takes over and finally manages to break through to the exit.

The warden decides that it's a good day to finally look in on the guys in the Dark Cell. Lots of dramatic cutting between the escapees and the warden's party approaching the cell are shown. The prisoners hear them coming, but instead of all quickly hopping into the hole and getting out, they choose to look out the grate and pretend there's nothing wrong. I mean, they have plenty of time to all get in the hole, but I guess the Laws of Drama demand they stay for one last gloat and fight with the warden. As the warden is about to leave, he hears the water running in the hole. He sees the hole, and it's time for more kung-fu! The two other inmates take care of the guards that came with the warden while Sahil thrashes him with a giant flashlight.

I'm no legal expert. Even if Sahil was wrongly imprisoned here, I don't think that gives him carte blanche to start whaling on policemen. So, even after all is said and done, he's committed some pretty serious crimes of his own. Self defense would cover some of it, but ... well anyway. It's just a movie, right?

The guys all eventually make it out of the pipe and into the waiting speedboat. It's tough to be really happy about this, because not only has an innocent man escaped (yay!) but so have two real criminals. They even killed one of the guards on their way out (boo!).

Now we're at Isha's house while she reads the news of the escape. Needless to say, she's very excited. That's all this scene is here to tell us, so we'll move on.

The Minister is rather angry about the news. He's giving the chief of police a hard time and tells him to get quick results in apprehending the escapees. The chief has a small conference with the two Comic Relief Cops about what their plans should be. Neelkanth suggests they call Udham Singh in on the case. The chief is not interested in doing that, since Singh's a loose cannon and prone to shooting up the place. He's currently on suspension. However, the CRC's are convinced this is the way to go, so they approach Singh about it.

Singh's been passing the time in a really happening bar. Oh yes, among his other shining traits is that he's got a drinking problem. He gives some tough talk about how the chief only seems to want him around when the fecal matter has impacted the oscillating ventilator. However, he agrees to help.

We get a scene that is only there to establish the time frame - in what looks like a thatched hut, we see the three escapees with the guy that was driving the escape boat. He mentions that it's been two days since they broke out, and that the cops should have given up by now (the hell? The convicted murderer of a government official and two other criminals, one of them a cop-killer, are on the loose and they are likely to have given up in two days?!).

Singh's got some questions before he starts. He wants to know who's rules he is to play by - his, or the departments'. The chief gives the reply that he wants immediate results (woohoo, Singh gets to kill people!). Singh asks if he's going to be given a hard time about why he aims at people's chests instead of their legs, since all the bad guys aim at the cops' heads.

The chief tells him to go nuts, just get the job done. Singh tosses away the dossier on the case and rattles off all the details from memory to impress us and to shock the other cops. He tells us that he only does one thing at a time, and that it gets all his attention. He also says that he won't drink until he's closed the case. Everyone clear on how bad-ass this cop is? Okay.

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