We see Sahil and the old man painting a wall and talking. We have the familiar, "So, what are you in for" conversation. Sahil tells his story, and how even his own mother thinks he's guilty. However the old man says that he believes him. As it turns out, the old man is in jail because he killed his landlord. Why? The landlord set his wife and kids on fire. What?! As such, he has no one left on the outside to see, so he doesn't mind staying in jail. However, in his time there, he's learned of a way to escape! He wants Sahil to get out, so that he can win back his mother's trust and to find the real killer.

Obi Wan (he isn't given a name, so I got to thinking. Wise old man, cut off from society for years, taking a young irrational upstart under his wing and offering him advice and help. Sounds like Obi Wan to me.) tells Sahil that there is a sewage pipe he can sneak out of underneath what we here in the States refer to as "The Hole," or solitary confinement. If he can get in there, he can dig out from under the toilet and escape to the sea. All he needs to do ahead of time is to arrange for a boat.

The next day, we see Sahil breakin' rocks in the yard. He is told that he has a visitor. It's Sheetal, who has chosen a rather racy outfit for her visit to a prison!

Sahil asks about his family, and is told they're still in shock about the whole thing. Once all the catching up is out of the way, Sahil asks if Sheetal can do him a favor, but that it would be dangerous. She's up for it though, so he asks her to make the arrangements for a boat to be waiting in the proper spot on the next coming Wednesday. She says "No problem (more or less)" and assures him that everything will be in order.

Now remember, Sahil made a huge scene in front of dozens of people when he rejected this girl. He clearly stated that he doesn't want her, he wants Isha. Why exactly she's helping him engineer an escape from prison is a little lost on me.

The warden shows up and spoils the mood by making some inappropriate comments. Sheetal takes off to get the ball rolling for the boat. We also get a useless scene where Isha is looking out over the sea, and her dad comes up to give her a hug. Thank you movie, that was sweet.

Back to prison!

We're eating at the picnic tables again, and we see the roughnecks stealing people's food again and generally being mean. This time Sahil takes the plates they've stolen, and goes to sit down somewhere else. They decide to talk to Sahil about why he's acting out. He gives them a parental speech about not being parasites living off society, then begins a grand kung-fu fight. Again, Jackie Chan pays no heed as they try to make a cool fight. Admittedly, it's better than the ones in Jaani Dushman, but you know.

This fight goes on for some time. The bad guys never get a hit on Sahil. Sooner or later the warden comes in, and Sahil throws him into a pole, face-first a half a dozen times. The warden pulls his gun and threatens to shoot Sahil for causing problems. Obi Wan steps in and says that it's the fault of the other two guys constantly antagonizing Sahil, and he finally snapped. As he's pleading for Sahil's life to be spared, he slips what resembles a tire-iron into Sahil's pants. Where he got it, I'm not sure. Short version, Sahil has a digging tool to take with him. The warden decides that some time in the Dark Cell (bum bum bum!) will be just what they need to get their heads straight.

Say, you don't suppose that's what Sahil actually wanted all along, do you?

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