It's now evening in the Sinha household. We see Sahil's mom (still waiting for a name!) looking in on her husband, who is reading in his office. She heads out just as we see a shot of some booted feet dropping down on to the ground and climbing the steps to the office. This is accompanied by the sound we'll call the Percolator of Doom. It's this weird little "bloop-bloop" sound we hear whenever the killer is around. Not exactly thrilling theme music, but at least you always know it's them. We can also see they are wearing blue jeans and a dark jacket. Pretty obvious this is going to be our killer, so we'll call them The Killer for now.

The Killer walks over to the desk. Jump cut to outside, where Sahil is staggering around drunk. See? The Killer obviously can't be Sahil! Who could it be? Back inside, we see the Governor talking calmly to The Killer. Why, they must be someone he knows! He tells them that he's "helpless in this matter, there's nothing I can do." Which matter? He's embroiled in several! Oh the mystery! The Killer then earns their name, and stabs Jaisingh four times with a nice shiny knife. In between blows three and four, Jaisingh pulls a gold locket off of his attacker. Yes, it's the one from the opening credits, and yes we'll be seeing it again.

As all good murderers do, The Killer flees the scene and leaves the murder weapon poking out of the Governor's chest. Sahil finally arrives at the office, and is shocked to see his step-father bleeding to death at his desk. He runs over and asks who did this. Jaisingh is a little past speaking by this time, so Sahil starts looking around. He grabs the locket from his step-father's hand, and then in a stroke of genius, grabs the knife that is still stuck in the victim. Sahil is not familiar with the terms "motive," "witness," and "fingerprints."

Just as he's got his hand on the knife, his mom and younger brother run into the room. Admittedly, things could be looking better for Sahil. Mom freaks out despite Sahil's protests that he didn't do it.

Whoosh, we're in court. Sahil is on trial (already!) and it's not going well for him. The prosecution brings half the guests from the birthday party to the stand, where they all say that they saw Sahil threaten his father with a knife. In one of those "Oh come on!" moments, Sahil's defense attorney, Mr. Thanawala, says that he has never lost a case, but he hopes he will lose this one! He presents the will of the Governor, in which Sahil had been made the sole heir to all of his father's fortune etc. He claims Sahil killed him out of greed. Then he himself calls Sahil's mom to the stand. Man, I've heard of bad lawyers, but this really takes the cake.

Oh wait! We have a name! Sahil's mother will from here out be called Saradadevi!

She is asked to tell what she saw at the scene. She says that she is sure that Sahil did the deed. She also lays the world's heaviest guilt trip on him, and asks why he didn't kill her too, to spare her the suffering of losing a second husband as well as her son that's about to go to jail. Ouch!

The judge says that the verdict will be decided the next day. In an odd editing choice, we immediately cut to the next day, same set, same room. Not sure why we adjourned and then came back if we're not going to have any scenes taking place between these two, but I'm not a director! I think we can all guess what the verdict is, so we'll just skip to the sentence. He's been sent to jail for "fourteen years of rigorous imprisonment."

We see Isha in the gallery, looking rather upset by all this. She runs over to Sahil as he's being led away (no handcuffs on a convicted murderer?) and starts weeping on him. He tells her that it's a setup and he's going to get to the bottom of it.

We see Sahil about to get into the van to head to jail when Sheetal comes over. Oh, I see he's been cuffed now. Sheetal wants some lovin' too before he's shipped off, so he gets a hug. While she's close, he whispers that he has the locket in his pocket, and tells her to take it. Now, how that got past the guards in the holding cell is something I don't quite understand. He's had at least two nights in jail, and a change of clothes from the ones he had the night of the murder to his prison togs. Ah well, it's in the script.

Get ready for some really funny prison scenes!

Sahil is pushed out of the van once they've arrived at the jail. He's taken to see the warden for his welcoming. The warden is one mean looking little weasel-faced guy. The first thing he does when he sees Sahil is to start beating him with a stick. Oh, and he wants Sahil to behave "as a newly married bride!" He means to keep his head down and not talk back (?). What did you think he meant?

We next see the inmates filing through the lunch line. A couple of the tough guys give Sahil a hard time, and take his food. He gets up to kick some ass but an old inmate tells him that it's not worth it, and offers to share his lunch.

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