This is a pretty catchy tune, but again since there are no subtitles I am left to assume what the song is about. I'm going to say this one is about losing your keys, and being late for work. Prove me wrong!

Naptime is over, and we see we're now at the Sinha's place. The Chaudhary party has arrived and is presenting it's proposals. They assure the Sinhas that this is entirely motivated by family matters, and not the ongoing business situation that they are involved in. Sheetal excuses herself from the table and goes to look for Sahil. However, Sahil is over at Isha's house looking at pictures from when they were kids. Blah blah blah, reminiscing, weren't we so cute. Worth mentioning here is Sahil's shirt. That takes a lot of confidence to strut about in that thing.

Lots of drama incoming! Diwan sees that the Chaudharys are over, and puts two and two together as to why. He heads home to find Sahil and Isha starting to cross a couple lines they probably shouldn't be. They cover for themselves and Sahil invites Diwan to his upcoming birthday party. He agrees to go, and gives us another funny look and music sting as Sahil leaves the house.

We cut to the party, which looks to be taking place on the Enterprise's Recreation level. Jaisingh is giving a big toast/announcement to all of the guests. He says that he wants to give his son a beautiful present that he can love the rest of his life. While all this is being built up, Isha and Diwan come in. Of course, Isha thinks that the Governor is talking about her for the whole wind-up of the speech, and she shoots excited little glances at Sahil. Our editor knows better though, and keeps sneaking in shots of Sheetal during all this. As a surprise to absolutely no one in the audience, he's not talking about Isha at all! Oh no! He says that Sahil is now engaged to Sheetal. The crowd is fine with this, but Sahil has other plans.

Sahil is not at all pleased with this. He pitches a big giant hissy fit in front of the whole party, and makes a big dramatic announcement that he never intended to be with Sheetal. He was going to take this opportunity to instead announce his love for Isha. Now Dad's gone and spoiled all that! Pout, pout, pout! Jaisingh tells Sahil to apologize to the Chaudharys (not sure what the plural of that would be, so I'm going with this) for the scene. Sahil of course refuses, and things get worse. It eventually boils down to Sahil saying to everyone that Jaisingh was never interested in being his father, and was only interested in being with his mother. Jaisingh gives Sahil a slap for his insolence. Sahil, subscribing to the escalation of aggression school of thought, grabs a knife from a nearby serving tray and threatens his step-father with it. Remember, there's a roomful of people there watching this. Mom steps in between them to stop all the nonsense. Sahil grabs Isha and leaves in a big fuss.

We then go to get some of the audience's reaction. We see the Minister and Vilasrao talking about the scene. They decide that even if Chaudhary's daughter and Sinha's son don't get married, he'll certainly side with him in the trade policy negotiations (remember those?). The Minister tells him not to worry, because he will take Vilasrao's side. There are some suspicious statements about taking drastic steps to get things done, then we cut away.

We see Sheetal in a room with her folks, and she says that none of what she just saw changes her mind about Sahil. She'll linger on until he changes his mind. Seriously, that's her plan. I'm not sure what the appeal is at this point. They've had perhaps two or three conversations together, and none of them were of the romantic sort. All she's seen of him is his violent nature. When they met, he was beating up Uncle Sleazy. Next, he's seen threatening to stab his own step-father. I'm no expert here, but I am starting to see a pattern. Plus, he told a roomful of people that he didn't love Sheetal, but instead he wanted Isha. At this point, her sentiment just sounds a little sad. However, she'll soon start committing major crimes to help Sahil out. We'll cover those in just a little while!

We see Dr. Gandhi trying to calm Sahil down, but he's too into getting drunk and hostile. He says that he will settle all this tonight!

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