After the song is over, we're all 100% convinced that Sahil is a party animal, free spirit, rebel, cool guy, dude. Or something. He comes home very late, and finds his step-father waiting up for him. The Governor asks why they can't be closer, a la father and son. Sahil gives him the cold shoulder and says that he recognizes him as his mother's husband, but that he does not consider him any kind of father. Damn, that's cold.

We jump to the next day. We see a car pulling up to a college building, and out steps Sheetal. She bids farewell to the driver, who turns out to be her uncle. He's too busy leering out of the windshield at Isha as she walks past. He decides she needs to meet him and goes into the classroom. He tells her that he is a "love salesman," and that he would be happy to "service" her for free! I don't know that I'd want to meet the gal that this approach actually worked on.

This spectacle is witnessed by Sahil, who tells Uncle Sleazy that he's a junk salesman, and begins kicking him around. Bear in mind, this is in front of a large lecture hall full of people. I'm not a legal expert, but I'm pretty sure Sahil's committing assault and battery in front of about 250 witnesses.

Uncle Sleazy is knocked down, and Sahil goes back into the classroom. As his back is turned, his fallen opponent pulls out a switchblade and starts after Sahil. Sheetal steps in and tells her uncle to take a hike. Significant Glances are exchanged between Sheetal and Sahil, while Isha fidgets in her seat.

After class, Sahil is walking down the stairs when Isha catches up to him. She thanks him for helping her with Uncle Sleazy, and he pulls the "Aw, shucks it wuz nuthin'" act. Sahil tells her that she looks familiar, and she reveals who she is. As it turns out, they were childhood friends. Isha was sent of to boarding school, so this is the first time they've seen each other since they were kids. They agree to pick up where they left off and begin spending time together again, only now they've got that whole puberty thing taken care of. Lingering glances are cast about until Isha remembers she needs to visit the Principal (don't most colleges have Deans instead of Principals?) and she hits the road.

As Sahil is cruisin' the quad, he runs into Sheetal. She apologizes for her uncle's behavior, and it's all water under the bridge as far as Sahil is concerned. She asks him out for ice cream, but he's got to get going. Riveting!

We then find ourselves in the home of Mr. Diwan, who is coming home from work. Isha greets him and excitedly tells him that she's met Sahil again after all these years. Dad gets a real weird look on his face at this news, and we get a cool scary music sting on the soundtrack. Dad tries to explain that things may be different this time out, since they're both grown up now. Isha's way ahead of him on this one, and proceeds to tease him about it. He also reminds her that Sahil's dad is his boss, so she should be careful about what she does, and its impact on him.

We hop over to the Chaudhary's house just in time to see Sheetal's dad slapping Uncle Sleazy in the face. He reprimands him for hassling Sahil and explains that he's trying to arrange a marriage between Sahil and Sheetal (if only I were so lucky!). Sheetal overhears this, and makes a little playful fuss before agreeing to the arrangement.

We then have a weird little scene over at the Sinha's house. Sahil goes to answer the phone. It's Sheetal on the other end, but she doesn't say anything while Sahil asks a bunch of questions. Eventually he gets bored with the call and hangs up. The phone rings again right away, and Sahil grabs it angrily. This time however, it's Isha on the line. Sahil takes a cue from his earlier call, and pretends to be a simpleton. This doesn't last long though, since Sahil knows we have a song to do. When they hang up, we get shots of Isha and Sheetal both lounging on their beds, looking thoughtful. Soon we slip into their daydreams of Sahil. Isha's is dancing around in the snowy mountains, while Sheetal's got Sahil out in the desert. All this to the strains of "Mere Khabo Mein Tu."

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