Sahil grapples with Isha as she tries to poke Sheetal with the knife. She pleads with him to let her kill Sheetal, but Sahil's not into that. As they're fidgeting, Supercop Udham Singh appears in the doorway with Neelkanth. Just as Isha breaks free of Sahil, she takes a bullet in the back from Singh.

Isha takes a moment, and looks confused. Everyone else is also kind of shocked as they watch Singh collapse on the stairs.

Realization begins to sink in on Isha, and she drops the knife. It's time for the death speech, so we're almost done.

Sahil asks why she went on the murderous rampage and ruined so many people's lives. Well, not in those exact words, but you know. She days it was all for him, so that they could be together. Remind me not to ask Isha for any favors. She's a bit of an extremist. Anyway, after some emotional "hold me, hold me" talk, she dies.

One last moment to revisit a nugget of comedy gold before the credits though!



Not much wrap-up on this one. We don't see Sheetal and Sahil getting together, although they do dance together during the end credits. It's probably safe to assume they're living happily ever after now. In a weird moment in the credits though, the screen goes black in the middle of a dance, and the music keeps playing for a little while afterwards. (shrug)

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