We start with a somewhat Bond-esque credits sequence with lots of silhouetted dancing girls and a strange locket (no! Not more lockets!) flying around in the background. During this, we hear the film's title track, "Gupt Gupt." Imagine that! This is a rather fast dance number, as the boogying ladies will agree.

Once we're tuckered out from all that dancing, we see a car pulling up to a government building that a large crowd has gathered around. Lots of "Yay for Justice Sinha" type comments are being shouted. All the influential types are there to discuss a proposed open-door trade policy that has been brought up.

I'll mention a phenomenon here that I neglected to in my previous recap. In most of the Bollywood movies I've seen, the actors freely intermingle English with Hindi when they speak. It's a little odd when you first hear it. They'll often change gears in the middle of a sentence. This scene has a lot of this in it, so you'd better get acclimated.

The "reputable" business sector, represented by Mr. Chaudhary, are for the opening of trade with foreign companies. He claims that this is the way of the future, and if they don't want to be left behind they need to get with the program.

The "shady" businesses, represented by Mr. Vilasrao are against the policy. He says that millions of jobs will be lost and that many will be driven to poverty. The computers alone will put many out of work (oh man, the irony of that statement). Really though, he's only looking at the impact this will have on his under-the-table trades and deals.

Justice Sinha says that everyone has good points, and that he needs a fortnight to sort it out and come to a compromise that will allow trade expansion while preserving the jobs.

So, everyone clear on who wants what?

We see Vilasrao at one of his job sites taking a bribe from someone so that the workers won't strike. He goes over his fears about the open-door policy with some of his associates.

We cut from the site to the home of the Governor. Dr. Gandhi is checking his blood pressure, and notices that it's up. We also meet his lawyer, Mr. Thanawala. Sahil's mom (still working on catching her name) explains that the reason the Governor's blood pressure is so high isn't because he's not taking his meds, but because Sahil is drifting away from them, and being all moody. The Governor says that he loves Sahil with all his heart as his own son, and knows he'll come around sooner or later.

With that, we have our first real big music number, "Duniya Hashino Ka Mela." This takes place in a rather elaborate nightclub, with Aztec-looking heads, huge dance floors, and shower heads spraying water all over women in raincoats. Seriously!

One other phenomenon worth mentioning here is that on many of the DVDs these movies come on, they don't subtitle the songs. This is one of them. I have no idea what this song is about, so I assume it's about beer since he's drinking a lot during the song. Good a guess as any.

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