Anna finally stops the bus and gets out to have a look at Sahil. Sahil (of course) is not hurt to the point of any real discomfort, so he gets out and begins kung-fu'ing Anna.

The ladies are taking a breather, as Sheetal has momentarily given Isha the slip. She manages to barricade herself in an office type room and hides.

More kung-fu goodness.

Isha kicking on the door to the office.

You really don't need a lot of detail here, we just see the same things repeatedly.

Finally, Anna is knocked out and Sahil continues to Sheetal's house.

We see Udham Singh waking up in the hospital in this weird bikini bandage thing. He goes storming out of the place with the CRCs in hot pursuit.

More shots of Isha kicking on the office door. She finally gets it to open after a lot of work. Here's a tip to all future barricade builders - don't block the door with a desk on wheels. Just as she gets through, the front door is kicked in by Sahil.

Isha turns and asks how he got hurt. He's repeatedly calling out for Sheetal. Sheetal pokes her head out of one of the broken panes in the room, and says that Isha's gone nuts and has been trying to kill her for a while. Sahil tells her that if she has faith in him, she should come out of the office. She immediately does so and runs into his arms.

As one might guess, this is not a pleasant sight for Isha.

Just so that no one misses the significance of this event, we're shown her running to him no less than three times. Between each time, we see Isha getting more and more pissed off. Finally she pulls out the knife she was hiding and comes flying at them. Sahil turns his back to Isha to protect Sheetal.

In the most convenient moment ever, just as Isha is approaching them Anna runs into the house and puts himself between Isha and Sahil. Isha ends up stabbing Anna instead, who flops around on the floor, bleeding all over the nice clean rugs.

Isha's even more angry now. She makes a terrific screeching sound and goes after Sheetal again.


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