Just then, the CRCs come running into the jail. They're shocked to see Diwan still in the cell. When Sahil asks what's going on, they tell them that Udham Singh has been stabbed and is seriously injured. They're confused, since the killer is still in jail. Diwan pleads with Sahil to go and stop Isha before she can kill again.

Cut to Sheetal answering the phone in her Century 21 jacket. It's Sahil calling from the prison, telling her to lock the doors and windows, and not to let anyone into the house. If it were me making the call, I might have also included a thing or two about keeping Isha in particular out. Basically the rest of the movie would be very different had he mentioned that little detail. The power goes out at Sheetal's house during the call, and the place gets all spooky-lookin'.

As she hangs up the phone she is startled by Isha, who has appeared at the doorway. Isha says that she owes Sheetal an apology for how she has been acting towards her. Sheetal says that it's okay, and that perhaps she'd have done the same if she were in Isha's shoes. Isha starts turning on the menace at this point and says that no, Sheetal wouldn't have done the same thing because Isha's one of a kind. She blocks Sheetal from going towards the door, and starts asking questions about how much Sheetal loves Sahil. Sheetal doesn't want to talk about it though.

We see Sahil racing towards Sheetal's house, in the dark, as a storm is coming, with his lights off.

Back to the ladies. Isha is asking what lengths Sheetal will go to for Sahil. From what I've seen, she's willing to go pretty damn far. She's busted him out of jail, arranged a meeting with her father, and stopped the police from catching him. I'd say she was pretty sweet on the guy. Anyway, Sheetal repeats her request to not talk about this. Isha ignores this, and asks what Sheetal would do for Sahil, one more time. Sheetal says that she would lay down her life for him.

Let's take a moment here.

Admittedly, Sheetal was not a direct witness to a few of these moments. However, I'm sure she's got some info on them since her Uncle Sleazy is one of the people Sahil has put into the hospital. Her dad was there for each one as they were set up in their beds, so I'm guessing he might have mentioned it in passing. Even if he didn't, I'm still trying to figure out why she's so in love with him. I know, it's only a movie. But c'mon! At least now we know why seeing all this violence from Sahil doesn't bother Isha - she's even worse than he is! Back to the movie...

Sheetal's reply seems to please Isha, and she says that she can do that too. Not only that, but she can also kill for Sahil if she needs to. Bum bum bum! Or should I say bloop-bloop, because those just kicked in on the soundtrack. Isha pulls out a knife as the truth dawns on Sheetal.

Another quick cut to Sahil speeding through town with his lights off, then we're back to the girls again. Isha starts her attack on Sheetal, and this goes on for quite a while.

To give us something else to watch while the girls are fighting, we see Kramer, I mean Anna finally trying to take out Sahil. He rams into Sahil's car with a bus, and gets a dopey "heh heh, all right!" look on his face. The impact makes Sahil's car do a rather improbable flip, and it lands on its roof. Anna (teehee, that still cracks me up) puts the bus in gear and begins pushing the car forward.

There's lots of cutting back and forth between the ladies fighting and the car being pushed around, while everyone makes gasping noises on the soundtrack.

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