Isha stabs Singh twice in the back before he turns around and sees who it is. She lands another two hits on his front before he falls over. Meanwhile, Sahil continues to look shocked. Isha hears the CRCs coming back to the house since they can't get the bike started. She can see that Singh is still moving a little, but she decides she'd better hightail it out of there while the gettin's good.

The CRCs discover Singh looking a little worse for wear, and are instantly sober. They set about getting him some help.

We cut to Sahil confronting Diwan in jail. He wants to know what's up. Diwan is a little surprised to see the locket, and makes one last attempt to cover up what's really happening. Sahil tells him to cut the crap, and Diwan spills the story. Hang on, it's explanation time!

Diwan tells us that he'll protect his daughter till the day he dies. He also says that there's nothing wrong with Isha, she just has "a nasty temper." (Yeah, I'd agree with that one.) He says that she really only looses her temper when someone is mean to Sahil, and that it's been like that since they were children. He cites an incident when they were young when Dr. Gandhi's dog had bitten Sahil. She killed the dog in revenge for him. Personally, it's about this time when my skin would be crawling off and waving at me from the door. Anyway, Dr. Gandhi suggested that since Isha was imbalanced around Sahil that she should be sent off to boarding school. You know, because that usually cures murderous psychopaths. He then tells Sahil that when he took her hand and proclaimed his feelings at the birthday party, her confidence received a boost and she "went mad with joy." However, the next day when Diwan and Isha went to see the Governor about all this, they rejected Isha and refused to consent to the engagement. Diwan begged for Isha's happiness, but it didn't get them anywhere.

They went home and Isha completely flipped out. After trashing the living room she was reduced to a weeping pile of angst.

I'll admit, as far as psychotic breaks on film go, this one's a doozy. Not only does she wreck the room, but damn this girl can really whip her head around.

Diwan thought that once she'd cried it all out, she'd be able to bear the shock. However, she instead went over and killed the Governor in a fit of rage.

The scene where this killing is shown with the killer revealed shows that for such a pretty girl, Kajol can make a really mean looking face when she's stabbing you repeatedly.

Well as we all saw, Sahil took the heat for the murder while Isha sat there. She decided that she was going to confess to save Sahil's life, but Diwan told her that he'd never marry her if he knew the truth. He told her to stay quiet for now while he figures something out. Apparently they couldn't come up with anything good, because Sahil had escaped from jail by the time they did anything.

Now that Isha had Sahil back, she was going to do anything she could to make sure that she didn't lose him again. So, when she caught on that he was going to meet with Dr. Gandhi, she had to kill him before he could reveal the truth to Sahil. When she came home, Dad figured it out pretty quickly. He told her to take Sahil and lay low for a while.

He admits that this is pretty much all his fault for covering for Isha all this time, but since he loves her so much he is willing to atone for the sins committed by both of them and wants to serve out her sentence.

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