Sahil walks in on this tender moment. Saradadevi begs him for forgiveness, which he is happy to give. Now that everyone is happy, it's time to party!

We jump to Udham Singh and the CRCs celebrating the closed case with the promised drinking binge. We see our boys getting good and smashed and generally enjoying life. These scenes are inter-cut with scenes of Sahil at home, staring at the locket. Oh yes! We've not resolved that little bit of trouble yet, have we? Anyway, the wind is picking up as a storm is rolling in. His younger brother comes over and asks if he can take the locket. Sahil lets him play with it while he "thinks."

Back to the party. Singh notices the bad weather and tells the CRCs they should be going before it gets worse outside. They drunkenly stagger out to go home, while over at Sahil's house Little Brother is tinkering away at the locket. We are treated to various scenes of the drunk CRCs trying to get their motorcycle started, while Little Brother takes to the locket with a screwdriver. He manages to knock the center piece out of it, and excitedly calls Sahil over to have a look. Back to the CRCs. If you're thinking I'm jumping back and forth a lot, wait till you see the movie. Anyway, they push the bike out of the shot in an attempt to get it started. As they leave, we hear the bloop-bloops and see the shoes of The Killer!

Hrmm, so you mean Diwan Ishwar isn't the killer after all? Whoa! Lots of cutting back and forth again. Sahil fiddling with the locket, the shoes approaching Singh's house. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally, Sahil manages to get the small, nickel-sized center piece open, and sees there are two pictures inside.



Okay, this is your absolute last chance to opt out of spoiling the ending! From here on out, The Killer will be referred to by their real name, and pictures will be shown! Don't say I didn't give ample notice! Scroll down to continue, or click here to go to the Afterthoughts!



















Still with me? Okay. Sahil reacts in horror to see the two pictures are of himself, and Isha! Sure enough, we cut back to Singh's house, and the camera pans up to show us Isha raising her arm with a knife to deliver a blow on Singh's back.

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