Okay, now we're all safely assured that Sahil is a thoughtful, level-headed, rational human being, right? Well then it should come as no surprise that he's got the Minister all tied up at the Old Mansion, and is dipping his feet in a pot of boiling water that's suspended over a fire while he interrogates him. The Minister swears over and over that he didn't do it. Isha looks on from the shadows with an odd look on her face. Could it be that she's realizing she's in love with a psychopath? Nah!

We then make a quick cut to the Ishwar's house. Saradadevi, Sahil's younger brother, and Diwan are coming in, discussing insurance paperwork. Well, truthfully, the younger brother is mostly staying out of the conversation. They see that Udham Singh and Neelkanth have let themselves in and look rather comfy on the couch. He begins to reveal what he thinks is going on. He says that Isha wasn't kidnapped, that she left of her own will with Sahil. He also accuses Diwan of knowing what was going on the whole time, and lying about it to the cops. He also tells the Sinha's that Sahil is not the killer. They're rather pleased about this. He then starts doing his Master Detective speech, where he's noticing things. He's brought the knives that were used in the killings with him, and remarks that they are from a set. He then wanders around the house and starts rambling about a painting that's in the living room.

There's a lot of cryptic talk here, eventually boiling down to Singh taking down the painting to reveal a knife set on the wall behind it that is missing two daggers! We get a lot of quick cuts here, showing Singh staring at the wall, Saradadevi looking anguished, and Diwan looking surprised. Repeat that sequence about 6 times, and you'll get the idea. In a big dramatic moment, Diwan is accused of being the killer. He confesses that yes he did do it. Singh claims that he did it because the Governor refused to accept Isha as a daughter-in-law and that years of loyalty from Diwan were wasted. Thus, he killed him.

Diwan says that he was blinded by love for his daughter. He also killed Dr. Gandhi because he knew the truth, and was going to tell Sahil. One might notice that Diwan is easily, and I mean easily revealing all of this. In fact he is almost enthusiastically doing so.

During all this, Saradadevi periodically injects her own commentary. This mostly ranges from "How could you" to "We thought we knew you," etc.

Finally Diwan sees an opportunity, and grabs the young boy away from his mother. He backs away from everyone with the knife to the kid's neck. Singh pulls his gun and tells Diwan to drop the kid and come quietly or else he's gonna eat lead. Diwan tells him he'll kill the kid. So much tension! Singh pulls the hammer back on his pistol, and drops it to the floor so that it is pointing to a lamp near Diwan. When it hits the ground, the gun goes off and shoots the lamp. The lamp falls over and hits Diwan, distracting him enough for the CRCs to get a hold of him. Now that was some fancy shootin' there Udham!

As we've seen many times already, Singh doesn't take anyone in without a good pummeling, so of course Diwan resists and takes a few punches for his effort. Eventually though he is cuffed and taken away.

With that all taken care of, we go back to the Old Mansion where the Minister is still getting his pedicure from Sahil. Sheetal shows up and tells Sahil that the Minister is telling the truth. She tells them that the real killer was found by Supercop Inspector Udham Singh, but she is reluctant to say who it is, what with Isha standing right there. Eventually Sahil coaxes her into revealing the killer's identity. As you can imagine, Isha doesn't take the news well. She calls Sheetal a few naughty words and begins one of those weird fights where she grabs Sheetal's hands and they sorta arm wrestle in the air. It sounds strange, but you know what I'm talking about.

Once Sahil pries them apart, Isha starts defending her father. She accuses Sheetal of being envious of her and Sahil, and that she's lying about Diwan. Sheetal counters with the facts that they have already arrested Isha's dad, they have evidence, and a confession! This has the effect of taking the wind out of Isha's sails, and she reverts to denial. She eventually drives off to see for herself.

During all this, the Minister is sitting in the background with this really weird look on his face. It's kind of like relief, but at the same time it almost seems like he's happy that he's gotten away with something. Hrmmm....

Sheetal tells Sahil that he should go home now that he's a free man, and that his mother is worried about him. The movie also thinks this is a good idea, as it jumps to the living room of the Sinha's house. The younger brother (I apologize, I didn't catch a name on him) is telling Saradadevi that she should be happy that Sahil's a free man now. She's feeling a little bad about delivering the damning evidence in the trial that sent her son to jail. Understandably, she's a little worried about this reunion.

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