Sheetal says that she'll do as Sahil asks. Sahil asks her how he can repay all the favors she has done for him. She says that he'll be the one she calls upon when the need arises, then she heads out. Isha makes some comments about how awfully helpful Sheetal is being, and that she doesn't trust her. She suspects there are ulterior motives in what Sheetal is doing.

Enough of that though, it's time for some comedy! We jump to Sheetal sweet talking the Minister into coming to the show. Sheetal's gussied herself up quite a bit for the sales pitch, and it works. She even manages to convince him to leave his bodyguards out of the theater during the performance.

We jump to the performance, and we see everyone being seated. The show starts with a traditional dance with lots of lavish costumes and a lot of people. This gets interrupted by the "new school" as Isha, Sahil, and Sheetal all bust into the show and modernize things a bit. We enjoy "Yeh Pyaar Kya Hai" for a while. This was my personal favorite tune we've had so far. However, it's time for more plot!

During the performance, we see the Minister have the Fat Laughing Man call the cops. We also see Anna is there looking fierce and confident. He makes some gestures to the Minister that indicate he's ready to do what he's been hired for.

Sheetal shoos the other two off the stage while she keeps doin' her thing to distract the audience. The Minister hops up and runs down the stairs for the exit. Sahil heads him off and grabs him. Meanwhile, Anna for some reason is now wandering around on the stage. I don't know if being inconspicuous was part of the bargain he had with the Minister, but even if it wasn't I don't think I'd be letting this many people see me shortly before I tried to kill someone. Oh well, that's just me I suppose. Sahil and Isha sneak the Minister out of the back door and into a car.

Just as they are about to pull away, Udham Singh shows up and pokes his gun into Sahil's face through the window. Isha finally does something on the level of what Sheetal has been doing all along, and pulls a gun on the Minister. This doesn't phase Singh though. He does his whole "I only have one goal at a time, and for now it's catchin' this guy" routine. Sahil tells him to shoot if he has to, but he's not staying. There are a few tense moments, then Singh tells him to go and takes his gun out of his face! As you can imagine this is a surprise to most of the people in the scene. Sahil drives off.

It seems that Sahil has inspired Singh here, and he decides that only an innocent man can have that kind of courage. He then sets about investigating who the real killer is.

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