Sahil beats everyone up. One bad guy in particular gives him a hard time, so Sahil crushes his hand in a pneumatic press. Again, if he wasn't going to jail for the murder he's been accused of, he's definitely going there now. Oh, he's not done though. Another tough guy walks up with a steel pipe. Sahil picks up a convenient flamethrower (!!) and blasts it into the man's face. While it doesn't kill him (or even set him on fire) he does get scorched up pretty well.

Finally Vilasrao himself gets into the brawl. Naturally since he's not the hero, things go poorly for him. During the fight, the workers in the factory are all staring at them in awe. As it turns out, they're not fans of Vilasrao either, and are rather enjoying the fact their boss is getting the lentils kicked out of him.

The fight goes on for a while, and gets more and more brutal as it goes. They hit each other with more pipes. They throw each other into the walls and machinery. Finally Sahil gets him into the pneumatic press thing, and Vilasrao starts talking. He says that he knows who killed the Governor and why! According to Vilasrao, it was all the Minister's doing, for political reasons.

At that moment, a shot is fired into the air. Udham Singh has arrived on the scene. The workers aren't interested in Sahil's capture though. They claim that he's done what none of them could do - teach a crooked union leader a lesson. They step in front of the Inspector to allow Sahil to get away. From what we've seen of Singh so far, I half expected him to start shooting the workers, but luckily for them he doesn't.

Cut to the hospital to add Vilasrao to the roster of the disabled. Vilasrao tells the Minister that he told Sahil he was behind all of this. The Minister understandably flips out.

We see the Minister giving 2 million rupees to a hit man that bears a striking resemblance to Michael Richards, or Kramer from Seinfeld. I swear I thought for just a second that's who it was. Also, this tough killer type guy is inexplicably named Anna. I love this movie. Anna tells him that he's got nothing to worry about, and he'll take care of everything. He says that they will not meet again, but he will send him Sahil's body.

We jump back to the Old Mansion where Sahil is asking Sheetal to make sure the Minister comes to "the show" tomorrow. This is the first time we've had any indication that any of our folks here are in show business, but as it turns out Sheetal is a dancer. This scene is ripe with tension, as both Isha and Sheetal are in the same place with Sahil. Isha's doing that protective thing where she hangs all over Sahil in front of the other girl, giving venomous looks as she does so. She's also doing lots of cutsey-poo dialog, which in turn makes Sheetal more than a little uncomfortable.

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