Uncle Sleazy says that he's called the cops, and is keeping his reward for himself. Can you guess what happens next? Wrong! They do not have a picnic in the mountains. Instead, Sahil whips out the kung-fu again, and repeats his earlier thrashing of Uncle Sleazy. While all this is going on, Udham Singh is speeding towards the shipyards. Sheetal sees him coming, and runs up to the control booth for the large retractable bridge that he'll have to cross. She knows immediately how to operate it. Color me impressed! Oh, and I believe this brings her number of crimes committed to protect Sahil to two. Escape from prison, and now interfering with an officer in pursuit.

Back to the fight! Sahil breaks Uncle Sleazy's ankle, and walks away from him looking tough. He sees Singh on the other side of the water. He then gets into Chaudhary's car, and drives off. Add grand theft auto to his list please!

Sheetal comes down from the booth and laughs at Singh. She's gloating and snooty about what she just did. Singh gets a couple good verbal shots in on her, then we go back to the hospital.

Uncle Sleazy is wheeled in with his broken ankle, and the lawyer makes his "funny" remarks. Teehee!

We cut to the Chaudhary's house, where Sheetal's mother is saying all the things I'd like to say. Why are you putting yourself in danger? Why are you helping him when he doesn't love you? That sort of thing. Sheetal says that you never know when he's going to have a change of heart, and that she's only doing all this because she loves him. Again, God only knows why! He's beaten up two of her family members now, one of whom ended up in the hospital. (sigh) She says that he no longer loves Isha, and that he only trusts her (at this point I would have to agree, Sheetal has stuck her neck out way farther than Isha has). She says that she'll get him to say that he loves only her tonight! Only a statement that dramatic can cue a music scene, and that's just what it does!

We see Sheetal heading up to the Old Mansion, only Isha is already there with Sahil. They're here to sing "Yeh Pyasi Jawani" while they dance among the ruins. This one's a little surreal. Most of it is Isha and Sahil doing some very dramatic dance moves, and Isha nearly breaking her neck with all the hair flipping she's doing. Sheetal is seen in fleeting cutaways looking anguished.

When the song is over, Sheetal goes off on her own, looking more determined than ever.

We jump over to the police station where Udham is looking tired. He's been there all night, looking over the case materials. He thinks he knows who his next target is going to be.

With that announcement, we jump to a work site where we see Vilasrao collecting a payment, and getting a watch as a birthday present. Sahil shows up and says that he's got Vilasrao's locket that he lost the night he murdered his father! Now, if Sahil only based this choice on the fact that Vilasrao likes jewelry, then he's certainly grasping at straws. Vilasrao says that the locket isn't his, but he doesn't appreciate being spoken to in such a fashion. He tells his thugs in the car to "Hit him! Clobber him!" All I ever get asked to do is set up printers. I need a new line of work.

The now expected kung-fu fight breaks out, and it's ever so exciting. (yawn)

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