We jump over to the law offices of Mr. Thanawala, whom you will recall is the "excellent" defense attorney that represented Sahil at his murder trial. He's going over his agenda for the day with his Comic Relief Idiot, I mean secretary guy. His deal is that he can't remember anything for more than 3 seconds. He's got that guy in "Memento" beat easily. Anyway, there's some painfully drawn out joke scenes with these two that last for approximately two lifetimes.

Jump cut to Udham Singh interviewing Saradadevi about Sahil's previous visit. He learns that the will that was used as evidence in court was taken, and who prepared it.

Back to the law office! Sahil makes a mean-looking entrance to the office and heads over to Thanawala to get some answers. He crushes Thanawala's fingers in his desk drawer when he goes to push the call button for the secretary. It just so happens the secretary was coming in anyway, because he's forgotten all of his instructions for the day already. There are some lame jokes as they get rid of him without him realizing who Sahil is. Once he's gone, Sahil smacks the lawyer around with the phone, then begins interrogating him about the will.

Sahil brings to light one point that was not mentioned in the trial. The will stipulated that Sahil would become the sole heir of the family should something happen to Jaisingh. However, they didn't mention that if something were to happen to Sahil, then Thanawala would become custodian of the trust. Sahil accuses Thanawala of the murder, so that he could become rich. He begins tossing Thanawala around the office, and generally making a mess.

We cut from this excitement to the secretary on the stairs with the police. He can't remember his boss's name, where he works, blah blah it's all really hilarious.

Back to the beating! Sahil manages to get a confession out of Thanawala, but it's only for part of the accusation. Yes, Thanawala did manipulate the will, and was "blinded by greed," but he did not commit the murder. Sahil decides the best thing to do here is to toss Thanawala out of the second story window. I'd love to have heard the train of thought on that decision. Credit where it's due though, that was an actual stuntman that was thrown out, and not a dummy.

We cut to the hospital, where Thanawala is all wrapped up like a mummy. He quotes a couplet to all the other cast members who are there to see him. Basically everyone that was at the meeting at the beginning. Here we also begin one of the running jokes for the rest of the movie. As Sahil deals with each of the suspects, they all end up in a bed next to the previous one, and Thanawala quotes a couplet.

Udham Singh shows up to take a statement. Thanawala says that Sahil did this to him with the intent to kill him, and that he wants to kill everyone that testified against him in court. This (besides being patently false) makes everyone look really nervous and cast awkward glances around the room. They begin to discuss personal security measures since the cops have not had much luck in capturing him.

We jump to what I assume is the Old Mansion that Sheetal mentioned a while ago. Sahil is there with Isha trying to plan his next move. They engage in some weird logic jumps and arrive at their pick for the next most likely person to have benefited from the Governor's death. It's off to see Mr. Chaudhary! I'm sure Sheetal will be pleased about this one.

Sheetal arrives at the shipyards with her father to see Sahil. Sahil lays out his theory that Chaudhary had the Governor killed because he did not get the signatures that he wanted in the trade agreement. Now, Jaisingh did say it would be two weeks before he made that choice, and I don't think we've had two weeks pass. It seems a little hasty to be killing the guy before the time limit was up, but Sahil is a man of action! He starts punching Chaudhary right in front of Sheetal. Once again, I beg you ladies and gentlemen to please explain to me why she likes this guy so much. Chaudhary admits to having cheated in business before, but that he's not killed anyone. Sahil asks why he's placed the bounty on his head if he doesn't want him killed. Uncle Sleazy shows up and says that it was he that put the hit out on Sahil, and he grabs that trusty switchblade again.

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