We then see that the bounty has been placed on Sahil's head. Several unscrupulous looking young men with guns are looking over the flyer with enthusiasm. The boss of the group states that he's going to get Sahil, and that the group should shoot anyone that interferes with their plan. We see a few scenes of our lovebirds driving around in their Jeep, and other seemingly unrelated shots of the bounty hunters also scouring the countryside. We make the unlikely transition to a song! Looks like Sahil and Isha have stopped for a dance, and we enjoy "Mere Sanam." Once again, a catchy little song much like the others. Sorta like how Sheetal got her solo number with Sahil, this one's just for Isha.

During the nice little song, we are shown a few shots of the bounty hunters zooming hither and yon across the hilltop, apparently "closing in" on their quarry. This goes on for some length, until we are given a shot of a rather nice looking tent. Inside, Sahil is taking a nap. All that high altitude dancing wore him out, apparently. He is awakened by Udham Singh putting his gun to his forehead. Wow, this guy is good. He found them all the way up here, completely by himself. I'm not saying that it's not possible, but that's some good detective work there. As they step outside of the tent, they are greeted by the boss of the bounty hunters. They tell Singh to hand Sahil over so they can collect the reward. When Singh moves to ready his weapon, they show them that they have captured Isha and are not having any moral problems with killing her. Amazingly, the Inspector's solution to this situation is to... can you guess?

So Udham shoots everyone. All six bounty hunters are killed on the spot. Now, Udham is using a revolver. Once he's put a bullet into each of the bounty hunters, he's out of ammo. This fact is downplayed as they have some dramatic dialog.

"I didn't do it!"

"Doesn't matter to me, I'm just here to catch you. And shoot everybody."

I'm paraphrasing.

Anyway, Sahil says that he's going to have to shoot him, because he's not going to be taken in. Singh actually does pull the trigger, and looks surprised when the gun doesn't go off. I do believe it's a bit of a stretch to ask us to believe he didn't know how many shots he'd fired. This man is supposed to be Supercop, and he just shot a bunch of people. Ah well, I'm thinking too much about it. Where were we?

Oh yes, the gun clicks dry. Sahil looks very smug as he tells Singh he's about to catch a "red-ass beat-down" in not so many words. He begins kung-fu'ing Singh with gusto. We get lots of wide shots where we can see how close to the edge of a very long fall they are. Being made of some tougher material than his usual fodder, Sahil actually has some trouble subduing Supercop. Meanwhile, Isha looks on as the love of her life mercilessly beats up a police officer who is trying to do his job. I'm still trying to figure out the appeal of this guy! Finally, Isha gets into the fray and bonks Singh on the head with a tree branch of considerable size. They decide there's no point trying to hide, and head back to town.

Nighttime! We see Sahil's younger brother sneaking into his father's office and opening his safe. He takes out the will, and heads over to the patio. He is intercepted by Saradadevi (I know her name, I'm going to use it). She wants to know what he's doing up in the middle of the night messing with his father's important documents. He says that they will help Sahil, and she gets angry at the mention of his name. Sahil shows up on the patio and confronts his mother. She has a moment of relief to see him, then it is replaced by a stern glare as she asks what he's doing there. He claims he is trying to locate the real killer (ask O.J., he knows a lot about that Sahil). He also lays a guilt trip on his mom for not believing him. Having scored a big point with his verbal shot, he walks off with the will.

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