Gupt --- The Hidden Truth (1999)

Rajiv Rai - Director / Viju Shah - Music

Anand Bakshi - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 43 minutes

Own it!

After my initial outing with Jaani Dushman, I decided that there would be many more Bollywood productions in my future. Having returned the first movie, I enthusiastically asked Money to procure another and to show me where the heck he was getting these things. He turned up a few days later with the subject of this recap - Gupt - The Hidden Truth.

This film is a murder mystery. I did a little research on this one and found that not many films of this type have been made in India, so it was somewhat of a rare find. As luck would have it, I saw a familiar face in this one - Manisha Koirala is one of our principal players here as well. (Personal note, this is when I decided she would be mine.)

Another noteworthy entry makes her appearance in this film - the lovely Kajol.  Kajol (as I later found out) usually plays in  romantic drama type movies. I've since seen perhaps five more films of hers, and three of them were romantic dramas. I'm going to play the odds here and say that her being in this movie was out of her norm. She's great though, so don't worry.

Encouraged with at least the vaguest sense of familiarity, we boldly sail forth into another one.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Sahil (Bobby Deol) - The son of the Governor. Has to make the toughest choice I wish I got to make! The chapter titles spell his name Saahil, but the subtitles use Sahil. I've made my choice.
Isha (Kajol) - The daughter of the Governor's assistant. Again, the chapter titles call her Eesha, but the subtitles win again. Go subtitles!
Sheetal (Manisha Koirala) - The daughter of Mr. Chaudhary (didn't catch a first name). Completely devoted to Sahil.
Jaisingh Sinha (Raj Babbar) - Sahil's step-father and Governor.
Saradadevi Sinha- Sahil's Mother, married Jaisingh when her husband died.
Diwan Ishwar - Isha's father and the secretary of Jaisingh Sinha.
Mr. Chaudhary (Dalip Tahil) - Sheetal's father, an important businessman.
Vilasrao - A corrupt union boss.
The Minister (Prem Chopra) - Exactly the minister of what, I'm not sure. But he's in a lot of the movie.
The Fat Laughing Man - the name says it all. He's the assistant to The Minister.
Dr. Gandhi - Personal doctor to Jaisingh Sinha and his family.
Mr. Thanawala - Personal attorney to Jaisingh Sinha.
Inspector Udham Singh - Tough cop who shoots first, then might ask questions if anyone is still alive. He kills more people than the murderer.
Pandu - Comic Relief Cop #1.
Neelkanth - Comic Relief Cop #2.

I'm pleased to say before we get into the thick of things that this movie was a lot better than Jaani Dushman was, and I won't be quite as critical. It does have its flaws, but don't we all? Onward...

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