Dushman (1998)

Tanuja Chandra - Director / Uttam Singh - Music

Anand Bakshi - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 25 minutes

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Not to be confused with Jaani Dushman, this movie was selected primarily for its cast. I was familiar with Kajol from Gupt, and Sanjay Dutt from Khal Nayak. As always a familiar face makes any new venture a little more comfortable, so here we are. One of the things I noticed right off the bat was the little "18" rating on the box. Sure enough, this movie plays a little rough. They deal with a serial rapist and there are a few rather violent scenes. I hesitate to use the word "good" to describe a movie that covers these things, but it certainly holds your attention for the entire running time.

Kajol plays a dual role in this movie, portraying a set of twins. One is a bit of a tomboy and the other is much less so. Both roles would be challenging for anyone to take on singly, so the fact that she does a great job in these parts is impressive.

As mentioned above, there are two return appearances in this movie as far as my site is concerned. So, other than Mr. Dutt and Kajol, let's see who else we have on board.


For this outing, we have on the roster:

Naina (Kajol) - She's the more ladylike of the twins. Our protagonist.
Sonia (Kajol) - She's the tomboy of the twins. Not our protagonist.
Suraj Singh Rathod (Sanjay Dutt) - A former Army officer that teaches Naina how to fight and protect herself. He's also blind.
Gokul (Ashutosh Rana) - Serial rapist and generally deplorable example of a human being.
Kabir - Sonia's boyfriend/fiancée.
Mother (Tanvi Azmi) - The name pretty much says it all.
Diya - There's a big gap in ages, but this is the twins' younger sister, with a wreath on her head.
Sunanda - A nurse, and Gokul's girlfriend. Currently unaware that she's dating a rapist.
Bhim - Young boy living with Suraj. He looks after him and helps him out with errands and so forth.

This looks to be all the major players. With that, let's get into it.

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