Disco Dancer (1983)

B. Subhash - Director / Bappi Lahiri - Music

Anjaan & Farooq Quaser - Lyrics / Running time: 2 hours 14 minutes

Own it!

I stood at the gaping maw of the pits of Movie Hell, and laughed. In a moment of pure pride and arrogance, I called out to the Powers That Be.

"I have withstood much of your wrath, oh Hoary Overlords of the Pit. I have navigated through the thousands of split screens of Asambhav. I have stood my ground in the face of Jaani Dushman, and even made that a positive experience. I have even lived through the soul-crushing, mind-numbing, sheer depressing agony of Anjaam and emerged lightly scarred, but more experienced for the journey. I have faced many of your stoutest, battle-hardened soldiers, and stared them all into the dust. Is there anything you could possibly have left? Anything that you, The Foulest Dwellers of the Muck, have yet to hurl at me?"

With the sound of distant thunder, I felt the pebbles shift beneath my feet. A distant quake gently shook the earth that I stood upon. For a moment, there was silence. Then, with a sound reminiscent of a cat coming to terms with a hairball of epic proportions, the bowels of Movie Hell spat a DVD at my feet. Could this be the answer to my challenge? Could this be the worst that the Filmi Inferno had to offer? I looked down, and a cold sweat broke over me. Staring up at me from the murky, stagnant water at my feet, I read the title: Disco Dancer.

I need to get this out of the way right now - the selection of movie is not my fault. I hadn't even heard of it until Beth from Beth Loves Bollywood said, "You haven't seen this yet? I'll send you mine right now." Any angry emails that you might have in response to this movie can be directed to her, thank you very much!

As one might imagine, Disco Dancer is more or less India's answer to Saturday Night Fever. The plots surprisingly don't have that much in common, but the theme (ugh, disco dancing) is painfully present. I was actually startled to see that we do have a repeat performer in this one, so let's all give him the recognition that he so rightly deserves!

Om Puri is a veteran of many, many Bollywood movies. However, he's only made one other appearance on Army of Monkeys as the grizzled and trigger-happy Inspector Udham Singh way back in my recap of Gupt.

For this outing, we have on the roster:

Jimmy a.k.a. Anil (Mithun Chakraborty) - Our hero. A rags to riches success that rises to the top of the disco world a few years after it has gone out of style!
Rita Oberoi (Kim) - Our heroine. She starts off hating Jimmy, but then she comes around. Try to look surprised when that happens.
Sam (Karan Razdan) - The reigning Disco King at the time of our story. He's none too pleased with the new talent shooting his way up the charts, and resorts to villainy and foul play!
P. N. Oberoi (Om Shivpuri) - One of our villains. He's also Rita and Sam's dad, as luck would have it. Generally unpleasant and often looks uncomfortable.
David Brown (Om Puri) - Originally Sam's manager, he dumps him and helps Jimmy when he sees Jimmy has integrity. You know, the integrity of a true Disco Champion. Seriously.
Vasco (Yusouf Khan) - A hit-man, if you can believe it. I'm pretty sure this is Elliot Gould's distant relative.
International Hit-Man (Bob Christo) - Yeah, it's not a very imaginative name, but at least you know what he does for a living without prying.
Raju (Rajesh Khanna) - Jimmy's old singin' and dancin' partner from when he was a poor kid on the streets. He might be a source of inspiration just when you least expect it... or most expect it in this case.

There's little I can say to prepare you for this movie. Just... well, you'll see.

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