Right off the bat, let me say that I liked this movie a lot. Perhaps it's due to the characters being portrayed are all similar to where I am right now - nearing 30, dealing with finding someone to run out the clock with that you don't mind being around, etc. I was able to relate to aspects of each of our three protagonists, and that helped connect with the movie.

The plot thread that I found the most interesting was Akash's. Out of all of them, he underwent the most dramatic changes in personality, and it was handled well. I don't remember any moments of "Oh come on!" with anything he did. Aamir Khan is a very good actor, and his charismatic screen presence lent itself very well to the character of Akash making him that much more authentic and believable. I've since seen him in other films, and he's always been good.

Again, the only real complaint I have with the movie at all is the Girl at Chopra Fort. Yes, Sid would have been kind of lonely and a little out of the group had it remained the five of them, but that too would have been an interesting and original way to end the movie. As it stands, she's literally only there so that Sid has someone too. No dialog, no name for crying out loud. Ah well. As far as the whole scope of the movie is concerned, that's pretty minor. But still! We had three hours of good character development, what's with five more lines of dialog to at least introduce her!

Another slight deviation from my format - these negative and positive lists will be shorter!



For this film, I will use "Stranglin' Akashes" for my unit of measurement:

Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

Quality: (Out of 5)
Entertainment Value: (Out of 5)


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