Time to lighten the mood a little. We join Sameer as he is rehearsing his date idea to Pooja's door. After a couple of takes, he panics as the door starts to open. He quickly ducks around the corner as Pooja leaves the house with another guy. Sameer flags down a cab and follows them to a restaurant.

When he gets there, he casually strolls by and does the whole "Hey! Funny meeting you here!" routine. He is introduced to Subodh, Pooja's boyfriend. He then pretends to wait for someone that is late for their dinner. The couple invites him to sit with them since he's alone, and he does so.

We learn from the following conversation that Subodh is very very anal about keeping to his routine. He won't go out with them after dinner since he has to be up by 5am the next day to do his yoga, then to make several other appointments that he keeps every week. Sameer actually looks cool and collected next to this guy, a detail that does not go unnoticed by Pooja.

Subodh goes off to use the men's room, and Sameer asks Pooja out while he's away. She agrees to spend some time with him, much to his relief. When Subodh comes back, he's got champagne to celebrate the 5 month anniversary of the night he told Pooja how he felt about her. This is of course sweet and not at all creepy that he remembers details like that. Anyway!

The scene ends, leaving little doubt (at least to me, and I'm pretty dense) that Pooja's opinion of Subodh has been changed.

The next day, Akash, Mahesh, and Shalini are walking out of a movie theater. The guys are teasing Shalini for wanting to see a love story instead of something a little faster paced. She gets irritated at them, and insinuates that Akash isn't smart enough to enjoy a movie that isn't all explosions and fighting. Well, the only way they can truly air their differences is in song! "Jaane Kyon" starts in on the soundtrack. This is a cool song, mixing Australian instruments like the didgeridoo with some of the Indian percussion instruments.

This is a fun song, starting with Akash singing about how terrible and useless it is to fall in love, and doesn't understand why people do it. The second half is Shalini's rebuttal, saying how it's the most wonderful thing in the world, and she doesn't understand why he doesn't understand!

Throughout the song, we get to see lots of scenic shots of Sydney, including the obligatory flyby of the opera house. It's tough to tell whether it's just because of the song or if it's really happening, but it does seem that our youngsters here are getting a little close. I see drama storm clouds gathering. Once they're done singing, they go to the amusement park we've had glimpses of. Akash calls her a chicken for not going on any rides with him, and eventually goads her into it. See Akash? If she's willing to do something out of her element, maybe you could to! Or something. Anyway, they have a grand time at the park.

That evening, they race each other to the subway. Akash makes it onto the train, but Shalini is caught outside the doors as they shut and the train pulls away. She looks around the station and sees a few unsavory types lurking about. She parks herself on some seats against the wall and waits for the next train, while keeping an eye on a disheveled homeless man that is smiling and approaching her. A train pulls in on the other side of the tracks as he draws closer, looking like he's got something on his mind.

Just before he reaches her, Akash comes running down the steps, and stands between her and the homeless man. He looks happy to see her, then turns towards the stranger. Akash has a menacing look on his face as he comes toe to toe with the stranger, then clutches him in a big hug! He asks if she was scaring him, and tells him that it's okay - he's here now. The homeless man is startled, and runs off complaining that Akash is crazy. I'll admit, that wasn't what I thought he was going to do. Shalini is of course relieved, and they both have a good laugh about it.

Time to check in with Sid again, so off we go to his house.

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