When we come back to the movie after our refreshing break, we're back in the hospital with Sameer and Sid. It looks to be late at night, since it's rather dark in the room and there's someone sleeping on one of the chairs. Sid gets them some coffee and they continue talking.

Sameer tells him that he couldn't sleep at all that night, and went over to see Akash first thing the next morning. He tries to get Akash to go and see Sid with him, but gets the silent treatment. When he persists, Akash violently barks at him to leave him alone, and that's just what happens. Next stop, Sid's house.

When Sameer arrives at Sid's place, he learns that Sid was accepted into the conference that was discussed at his art show, and left that morning. Sid's mom can tell something is troubling Sameer, but he tells her he should go and takes off.

A week later, Akash is at the airport to leave for Australia. Sameer is there to see him off. He takes him aside and tells him that even though he constantly teased Sameer about his romantic problems, he never stopped to think about how that must make Sameer feel. He asks if Sameer knows he was never being serious about his jokes. Sameer tells him that it's okay, and that he wasn't always serious too. He tells Akash that he knew Shalini was Rohit's fiancée, and didn't tell him on purpose. With a happy smile, he sends Akash on his way while Akash marvels at having had one put over on him.

Speaking of Shalini, who should happen to be seated next to Akash on his flight to Sydney?

Akash is pleasantly surprised to see his old pal again. He makes some witty small talk before getting serious and apologizing to her for the scene he caused when they met. She forgives him, and asks what he's up to in Sydney. Akash brings her up to speed on his new job, and she explains that she's there to visit with her uncle, who is a photographer. He asks her to show him around town since he doesn't know anyone there, and she reluctantly agrees.

When they disembark, Akash gets to meet Shalini's uncle, Mahesh. Akash wows him with some camera talk to get on his good side, and it works. As Akash's contact person Mr. Mehta takes his things away, Mahesh gives Akash his card and tells him to call him if he ever needs anything.

Over at Akash's new place, we get to see that at the very least, he's going to be comfortable here. His office doesn't look too shabby either. The next morning, Akash is settling in at work. We get to overhear some of his conversation with his dad about how things are going, then he calls in Mr. Mehta to throw around some business talk. He asks for a restaurant suggestion, and heads there to meet Shalini.

Shalini certainly seems to have gotten used to Akash, since they're talking like they're old buddies. He tests the waters and asks about Rohit the Jerk. She says that she spoke to him that morning, and he's none too pleased to hear that Akash and Shalini are hanging out. She tells Akash that it's nothing to worry about though - it's not Akash in particular that he doesn't want her meeting with. He hates any guy that talks to her. This sounds like a solid foundation to build a marriage around. (sigh)

She changes the subject and asks him if he has a girlfriend. He explains his two week policy to her, and she looks a little put off by it. She asks why he does things like that, and they get into a talk about how he's watched his friends with long-term relationships, and how they all seem to be miserable most of the time. He also adds that he doesn't like having to put up with all the questions and answers that come with having a significant other. Shalini counters with the fact that she doesn't do that to Rohit. Akash points out that Rohit does it to her though. It doesn't always have to be the girl with the control problem.

In the evening, Shalini returns to her uncle's place. She finds out that Rohit called the place twice looking for her. When she returns his call, he's playing pool at his house with a bunch of buddies. The call quickly turns sour as she explains she wasn't home to take the call since she was out with Akash. He starts yelling at her over the phone in front of all his friends. Classy. He tells her that he is coming there to baby-sit her, and she tells him to do whatever he wants. You can actually see the bloom coming off the rose. It's neat!

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